Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tarot Tip of the Day...The Death Card

On Saturday's meeting at Tarot Talk, we discussed running a "Tarot Tip of the Day". So today is the day it will start!

Today's Card, The Death Card

In a reading the Death card does NOT mean death. It simply means the end of a negative cylce and the beginning of a new cycle. Change, and new beginnings. (If reading for someone unfamiliar with the cards, please explain this as the Death card can appear rather frightening.)

You will find when you are developing your abilities, that some things you will NOT receive answers to. They most likely will pertain to health, illness and death. I believe that there are some things that we are not suppost to know.

So the Death card for today. Could be a new project, new adventure, or possibly a new frame of mind? YOU DECIDE!

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