Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What type of psychic reading are you seeking?

In searching for a psychic reading it is important to realize what type of reading you are seeking. Different psychics carry different gifts, an understanding of those gifts can put you in the right direction.
Empath - Picks up on ones emotions and feelings.
Clairvoyant - Has the ability to "see" things happen like a movie.
Intuitive - Reads by what she feels "a gut instinct".
Tarot Reader - Performs readings by using the Tarot cards.
Medium - Has the ability to connect with the other side and those who have passed.
These are just a few of the gifts to get you on the right path with your reading. Some psychics carry one gift, others may carry two or three, and some psychics possess all of the gifts and are stronger in certain areas.

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