Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Psychics are Humans Too

This blog was encouraged by an email that I received last night.
Psychics are human beings just like you. We don't possess supernatural powers. Basically it means that I live the same as you.
I don't live in a castle or a dungeon, lol. I live in the average American home. I drive average American vehicles (Chevy all the way!). Believe it or not, we have a very hard time when it comes to reading for ourselves.
I don't have bats as pets. (I love that one!). I have a Siberian Husky named Sasha (pictured at the bottom of my blog) with whom is with me all day and night. I also have a spoiled cat named Roxy. Living with me is also, my 20 year old daughter, who is gifted as well and does not work as a psychic. If you entered my home, there is nothing there that would scream that I am a psychic.
If you saw me in the grocery store, no, you would have no clue that I am a psychic. I wear normal clothes and normal jewelry. ( that is another story!)
Working as a professional psychic makes me no different than you. I love what I do! If I can answer your questions and give some much needed guidance, than it is all worth it!
I do work the night shift because I prefer to. Many people work night shifts. Do I have problems in my life? Of course I do! Like I said we are humans.

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  1. I love this! Never would have thought otherwise. But it is nice to know a little bit more about you, since you know so much about my stuff. Take care.