Friday, June 12, 2009

Upcoming Projects...

I am beginning to think that the 9 of Wands definitely applied to me today! There are several things that you can look for in the upcoming weeks.
There will be a down loadable ebook available at on the simple ways to work and understand the Tarot. For the locals, a Tarot workshop is being organized. For the not so locals, an online class will be offered.
I am bringing back The Psychic Shop in a different format. This will allow you to purchase t-shirts, coffee cups and mugs, clocks and other novelties with your zodiac sign and other fun psychic related things.
For those of you interested in Reiki, I hope to have this set up by the Fall.
On the paranormal side of things. You can look for an upcoming local workshop of Ghosthunting 101. As well as I hope to have this set up as an online class as well.
I am really glad that I started the new blog, as I appear to have many readers. Leave me some comments anytime! Have a happy and safe weekend!

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