Thursday, July 2, 2009

Psychic Services

I spoke about this a few months ago, and the topic has come up again. When it comes to choosing a personal psychic, you also need to be aware of what psychic service you are using. I work for a couple of psychic services, in which I agree with their hiring process and their code of ethics. They test their psychics extensively as well as verify anything they have done in the past. However, over the years I have found that it is frightening to realize what services are available and how they operate.
First of all, there are sites out there where anyone can be a psychic, including you. All you have to do is agree to their contract and sign up. (I am guessing that there are probably 15% actual psychics on these sites.) I have also been approached by a service that offers you a book of "scripts" to read if your not a psychic. (I cannot even imagine how that works.) As well as I have been approached by another service that pays bonuses by how long you can keep a client on the phone! In addition, if you the client, are paying a rate of, lets say $3.99 to $4.99 per minute for a reading, a lot of these services pay their psychics .20 to .60 cent a minute! (A little greedy you think?) And by all means, STAY AWAY from the sites that are promoting "spell casting"! Equally discouraging are the services that advertise at WAHM. WAHM is a public forum, that stands for "work at home moms".
With the growth in the psychic industry, there are psychic services popping up everywhere. I do also believe that there are some true psychics on some of these services. But it poses the question of how many do you have to call to find a real psychic? My advise to you is to do a little research into the service that you choose.


  1. Good Jackie, but what about psychic services that change your e-mail readings to get you back to the site for clarification...........

  2. Email Readings on Psychic Services can be tricky. Generally psychics do not have an "Inbox" on these services. (This is to prevent recruiting clients off of their site.) With that said, your email is probably being read by a third party.
    Another negative feature is we, as psychics do not know if our emails are being changed. As well as if you could be paying for an email from me and it is being answered by someone else without my knowledge.
    Clarification of email readings should be free of charge, UNLESS you have thrown in an additional question. Clarification means that you did not understand the answer you were given.
    I do not believe or support psychics that give you "cliff hangers". That means they provide just enough information to make you call or email them again.
    Our job as psychics is to answer the questions at hand, and further provide any information that may pop up.