Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How to tell if a psychic is legit.

Last night I was on the with Psychic Craig Eugene. (We will be back next Tuesday night at 9:00PM). We had a caller, Kimberly from Virginia who asked a wonderful question...."With all the psychics out there nowadays, how can you tell if they are legit?" I want to go a little further with this...

As with any industry, it is scary to see how many scam artists are beginning to surface. There are ways that you can research a psychic. This applies to if you find them online or locally in your area.

1. How long have they been around? If they have been around for awhile, this needs to be taken into consideration. A lot of scam artists come and go rather quickly.

2. Can you validate their credentials? If they claim to have certificates, degrees, or organizations they will generally have a live link to validate their claim.

3. What does Google say? Try typing the psychics name or stage name into any search engine. If you only have the first name try entering the word "psychic" in front of it. (If it comes back with a Ripoff report, then there is your sign!)

4. What if they are local? Do they have a business license within the county or city they are working in? You can either check with the county or city or ask them to show it to you. (Be careful of the ones that are reading out of their homes...some are legit, but there are usually strict licensing laws pertaining to this.)

5. What if they are local and have no website? Then this is just scary. Most businesses have a web address of some sort available to the public. It is also a "red flag" if they only work for Psychic Services.

6. How do I choose a psychic on a psychic service? Start by LOOKING AT THE SERVICE. I will not name them but there are TWO major psychic services on the web where ANYONE can be a psychic. Don't get me wrong, because there are legitimate services out there that do test their psychics. HOWEVER, there are a lot of psychic services that advertise on the WHAM board. (Work at home moms) As well as some sites that offer various scripts for them to read...Scary isn't it?

7. Did they ask you for your birthday? Unless you are seeking an astrology reading, I have REAL issues with this. It is too easy to give a "generalized reading" of your zodiac sign.

Remember you the client have a right to choose, walk away, or end any reading at anytime. Here are some key words to look for:

Cash or Money Order, Western Union, Negativity surrounding you, Aura Cleansing, Hex or Curse removal, Spell casting, They need you to purchase something in order for something to come to pass, Lottery Numbers, or any "claim" that they can change things for you. These are STRONG signs that you have landed a scam artist!

You should pay for your reading....and NOTHING ELSE!

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