Friday, April 23, 2010

Psychic Chain Letters

What is a chain letter? It is a letter developed to go out to many people, leaving "blanks" in it where your name is filled in. This gives the "personalization" look to the letter, and it appears it was written just for you.
Thanks to a friend, I have in my possession a numerous amount of these letters from some very "well known" psychics. (She has these letters from her elderly sister who lost her life savings and over $150,000.00 to psychics.)
Generally they appear as being personally directed to you and anywhere from $19.99 to $299.99 will turn your luck around! (I'm thinking fairy dust maybe?) And there are some that will even send you a dollar store trinket as your lucky charm. I find ALL of this to be very disturbing. These are well known psychics that have appeared on television numerous times. Two of them, I have contacted myself.
People, DO NOT buy into this! I cannot "fix" your problems for any amount of money, nor can anyone else. These letters are going out to thousands of people. I have said this many times but let me give you a refresher:

1. DO NOT send a psychic cash.
2. DO NOT send a psychic money via Western Union. (You have no recourse, Paypal acts as a credit card company.)
3. DO NOT send a psychic money out of the country.
4. And NO we do NOT know the lottery numbers!

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