Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What is Reiki?

Reiki is Japanese for Universal Life Force Energy, or often referred to as Spiritually Guided Energy. In short it is a form of "energy healing". It pertains to working with your chakras. (Chakras are the energy centers of our bodies that turn and process the energy inside of us.) There are 7 main chakras in the body, with each one having a specific color.
A Reiki attunement/session can be done hands on or sent by distance. Either way it is effective. Can it heal your headache? Can it fix your toothache? Yes and no, the energy healing is sent to "heal" the greater good. Meaning it goes into your body where a healing is needed.
Reiki can be learned by anyone. I first learned of Reiki through raving reviews from my clients. I have to agree, it is life altering!
I am now offering Reiki Courses in a Distant Learning format. Now available is Distant Learning: Reiki Master Course, Handbook and Certification. (Reiki Master means that you are certified in Reiki to teach others.) This is now available on my website at
This is a hands-on course including assignments, case studies and a final exam. You and I will work closely together in order to make you a Reiki Master. I didn't waste a lot of time on the history of Reiki as there are many great books available on the subject. This is completely geared to you becoming a Reiki Master. For a limited time I will be offering this course directly from me for $195.00. When the course goes into distribution it will be a lot more. ($370.00 I believe!)
Upcoming will be Distant Learning for Level I & Level II, as well as Distant Learning for Level III and Masters.
PLEASE feel free to email me on my site with any questions or concerns!

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