Thursday, May 13, 2010

Somethings you should not have to pay for...

I was speaking with another psychic yesterday and I have to say we agreed to disagree. Although we all work by our own standards and code of ethics, it is my personal opinion that you should never pay for a house clearing or a house blessing.
I do understand that to some this is part of their psychic services, but it doesn't mean I agree with it.
Clergy offers these services, generally free of charge. To the homeowners that I personally know, if someone tried to charge them they found someone else. She then referenced that our work is somewhat like "clergy", as we work as spiritual counselors.
Well then this just confuses me. As I said, clergy generally does not charge for this service. I personally have never considered myself as a "counselor." To me this is someone who "gives advice", not discloses what they "see". So no, I am afraid I do not see that connection.
This to me falls into the same category as how we offer our paranormal services free of charge. I also do not support the teams that are charging for them.
Yes, we all have a right to make a living. However, I do feel that there are times when charging for something is not appropriate.
Like I said, just my personal opinion, but some things we should not have to pay for!

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