Thursday, August 18, 2011

Facelift for the website...

It has been a long time coming but my entire psychic website at has been revamped and went live today! (All prices remain the same, there were no adjustments there.) The focus was on easier navigation of the site, and we had some prior complaints about the site loading correctly on smartphones. Hopefully all of these issues have been resolved! IF you happen to come across ANY problem on the website, or have a suggestion PLEASE let me know. In the past, I have had numerous problems with the form for leaving testimonials, and so far, this new one is working like a charm! A few days ago, while things were being tested, it has come to my attention that I may have missed a couple of emails. If you have emailed me in the last week or so and did not get a reply, I apologize, and feel free to email me again.

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