Thursday, October 6, 2011

Placing your life on hold...

In speaking with a member of Central VA Psychic Development & Paranormal Research, I found someone that placed her life on hold for 6 months after meeting with a local psychic for a reading.
The problem? The psychic had told her that a particular person would return to her within 6 months. This never came to pass. Meanwhile, she tells me she was an emotional mess in that time.
With many varying gifts that psychic's carry, how do they read tiimeframes? Some say they can see timeframes while others cannot. In the event I am doing a reading and I am asked for a timeframe, I either see it or I don't. With some an actual date will show, with others a calendar, and when we are in that particular timeframe I am unable to narrow it down from there. So how much faith do you put into timeframes?
A psychic reading is meant to be uplifting and insightful. It is an opportunity for you to see what lies ahead. If there is something negative upcoming, you have an opportunity to change that path. If there is something you are waiting for upcoming, you should no its a matter of time, and NOT place your life on hold for it.
So what happened in her situation? Was the timing off? Or was the psychic inaccurate?
I actually view this in two differnt ways. First off, yes timeframes can be off. I have found it is perfectly feesible to get someone in the right timeframe, but hard to "pinpoint" an actual date of events.
Next, was the psychic inaccurate? You would have to look at the entire reading to determine that. Did things actually come to pass? Or was the reading generalized?
The first key in an accurate psychic reading is actually taking the time to research your psychic. If they are indeed offering psychic readings to the public, then there has to be a track record somewhere, and generally you can find a lot of this information online.
I do have many successful "timeframe" stories that my clients can share, I hope they will do so. One that really sticks with me happened a few years ago. When she first contacted me she had ended things with the love of her life, he had left the country and they had no way of contacting one another. Though I still saw him there in her reading, I also saw that it would be several months out. He did indeed return 19 months later and they married.
The point I want to make here, is not on the timeframe, but the fact that she did continue to live her life. She even played the dating game. Though he was the one she indeed wanted, she never ruled out other possibilities. She continued her readings with me and did not dwell on this person returning.

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