Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The month of November 2011

I normally don't take the time to post about a month in general. However, in doing the horoscopes this month, I am amazed at what looks like one CRAZY month ahead of us in November.
It is true that Mercury Retrograde begins November 24th. However, this one does not appear to reek the chaos it normally does. In fact, I see nothing but positive changes for this particular Retrograde.
The best I can describe the entire month of November is extremely high energy, or more so than what I have seen in well over a year. This is absolutely the month of the "unexpected", but to a positive effect.
What kind of strange occurrences can you expect this month? Almost anything. This is the month that the impossible seems to take place. Items you lost, will be found, people you thought would never unite, will. It is a month when all the odds work for you instead of against you and the cliche' of "opposites attract" begin to materialize. New beginnings are at hand in all areas.
The down side to this...
Anticipate a LOT of restless energy.

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