Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 in review and upcoming for 2012

It amazes me how quick this year has gone by. All in all, it has not been a bad year, but it did come with more challenges than most. That applies to my clients as well as my daughter and myself. However all is well with everyone! Hardships are chalked up to “Life’s lessons”, and we would not be complete without them. For those that know me, know that I am very much into “Things happen for a reason.”
In a nutshell, across the board, 2011 has not been an easy year on my clients. The economy has hit some harder than others. I am happy to report that those that were hit are fairing well. When hard times hit, always remember to keep it positive. Look at what you do have verses what you don’t have.
What was new for me in 2011? Traveling to some events, national television, a lot more radio shows and FACEBOOK! Yes, I can say that Facebook is by far my new addiction! It has given me the opportunity to “mingle” with some of my clients that are out of state, the opportunity for some of my clients to get to know me on a more personable level, and some Facebook friends that have turned into clients. As well as the opportunity to reunite with long lost family and friends.
For those that don’t have Facebook, I will make a point to start posting to this blog on a more regular basis in 2012. I get LOTS of emails that ask questions about me as a person. Sometimes I forget, that you really don’t “know” me or who I am. So for 2012, I will post more blogs that are geared towards me and my rants and raves.
Now onto the big picture…What can you expect for 2012? First of all, I am not one of those that believe the World will end in 2012. Nor am I one of those psychics that like to post predictions for the year. (I find that very irritating, when they are yelling I predicted that!) With that said let me give you some basic generalizations for the upcoming year.
So on a whole for 2012….in one word “Changes”. The good and the bad? Lets get “The bad” out of the way first. There will indeed be an increase in natural disasters this year that will lead a lot to start yelling that the end is here. (Keeping locations out of this, but it does apply to the US as well.) The presidential election, this is going to be a mess. (Enough said on that for now, wait and see what happens). Banking and financial institutions are going to take a really hard hit this year resulting in some radical changes. (More so than what you have seen in the last couple of years.) And unfortunate but true, I look for the death announcement of a very well known psychic. If you are in Virginia, beware of the weather in January! It will be nasty! (Also we haven’t seen the big quake yet, but it’s coming.)
Now for the good news. This is an incredible year of “Reuniting”. From relationships to family this shows a definite increase for 2012. Those that have suffered hardships in the past 3 years will begin to reap their rewards in 2012 in all areas of their lives. On personal levels, “What was lost will now be found, and what was missing will be replaced”. Living in a World of science, the Metaphysical comes out strong this year, as well as many scientists that will participate in Metaphysical studies. (This is pertaining to healing). Now, what you need to know… If you need to make amends with someone now is the time to do so. I say this because a lot of karma is coming in to those that have done others wrong in 2012. (Timing is everything.)
On a whole most people’s “Perspective” will switch to a positive stance in 2012. I can say as a psychic, I am pleased at seeing this and the energy surrounding it is wonderful.
Changes for me in 2012? Though as a psychic I don’t read well for myself, but so far I like what I see. One of the things I do see is more face-to-face meetings with some that I have read for a very long time. I am super excited about this! I look for a lot more outings with my Meetup group and my paranormal team, CVAPI coming on strong yet again. The first of the year I will be working on my new book inspired by my Ghost Hunting 101 presentation, and I am actually excited about this.
Now for my rant….If I read one more thing from a psychic on how to prepare for 2012, I honestly think I will puke. Everyone please, please, please be warned of the psychic scams that I can see coming from this. No one can sell you fairy dust to fix your problems and the year 2012 is NOT as bad as some are making it out to be!
To all of you I wish you nothing but the best for 2012 in all areas of your life. And THANK YOU for another amazing year!

To my trivia buddy Dave, (on an opposing team I might add), who didn’t think I would mention him in my blog….Wishing you the best in 2012!!! Oh yeah, if Cheryl ends up on an opposing bowling team New Year’s Eve I hope she kicks your butt! She will represent the “female species” well!