Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March "Rants & Raves"

I am super excited that today is the first day of spring! Spring and summer are indeed my favorite seasons. My availiability for readings will be a little sporadic this upcoming weekend (March 23rd, March 25th) as I have friends coming in from out of town.
As of today I am welcoming the employees from NJVC in Vienna, Virginia as part of thier perks program. I am really excited about this!
Though I am excited about spring, it is hard to believe that the first quarter for 2012 is almost over. Time is really flying by! This included two large psychic parties in both Fairfax, Virginia and Virginia Beach to which I met some wonderful people at both and had a super fantastic time.
CVAPI, has wrapped up another successful paranormal investigation this month and will move on to the next one in April. If you are local, there will be a free presentation March 31st at Sideline Cafe on "Its all about ghosts".
Also Saturday April 7th, I will be available for live readings at Kahnee's Korner Consignment (More info under EVENTS at www.ms-swami.com)from 11AM to 3PM. This will remain in effect the first Saturday of every month, so if you live in Virginia, I hope you will make arrangements to come and see me!
In meeting so many people this month I have found that one question sticks out to everyone. When did I know? I think that I knew in my early teenage years. In speaking with some family members, I am told that there were signs of it much earlier than that. (I do remember of being terrified of our family cemetery in which was in my Grandmother's yard.) As a teenager, it began with "flashes" like short films. (Enough to make you think your nuts.) I also remember a lot of premonitions in my dreams of things that were to come. (This still occurs on occasion.) Basically, I felt strange and awkward thinking there was something seriously wrong with me.
In my early twenties I began "playing" with it. What could I predict? Was I accurate? This eventually led me to do readings for family, friends and co-workers. I did this for several years. It was a family member that gave me the push to apply and work for the first online service part-time. This was the BIG turning point for me. It wasn't the fact that I was being paid, it was the fact that I accepted it, and others had accepted me.
Why do I say this was the big turning point? Because I changed completely. An internal peace that I cannot explain. With that the visions became more detailed and it appeared that I was seeing things that I did not believe were possible.
If you are one of those that have a gift of any sorts, the best advice I can give you is to accept it. Change will indeed occur once you do!
Even though the price of gas is going up, and the economy is still off, I am looking for spring to bring some positive changes. Even though we are currently under Mercury retrograde, I have seen a shift in most that I have read for and its to the positive! I will try to get a spring newsletter out in April so make sure that I have your email address on file!
I do tend to back up on emails from time to time, however, I also read every one of them. Don't ever hesitate to send me an email.

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