Monday, June 4, 2012

Hide & Seek

I am in the process of changing things up to have a little "Summer Fun". For those that are interested in learning Reiki, this is an opportunity that you will not want to miss. My book Distant Learning: Reiki Masters Course, Handbook and Certification normally runs for $298.00. This is a simplified course that you do at home and at your own speed and work with me one on one. It takes you from the Beginner's Level all the way through your Master Certification. Now for the good news. There are coupons out there that run from 6-4-12 and expire on 6-30-12, offering the entire course, Beginner's to Master's for $150.00. In order to get this price, you must FIND THE COUPON! Where could it be? My sites, on me, social networks? You will have to see! Once you find it, email it to me! (This will invoice you through PayPal for the $150.00) Looking for a free psychic reading? Catch me tonight JUNE 4th, as a guest on Phat Ladies of the Paranormal on We will be giving away two free readings tonight, so tune in!