Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August "Rants & Raves"

Month 8 of the year and the year appears to be flying by! I associate August with “Wrapping up summer”. It seems every time I turn on the television I see a commercial for “Back to school”. August in Virginia hasn’t been that bad so far. We have had a few bad storms and a few hot days, but a lot lower humidity. I am still hoping that since June took so long to actually warm up, that we will clear hurricane season here this year. Speaking of “Back to school”, my daughter is returning to college this year beginning next week. She appears really excited about it as she is working on her degree in psychology. August bought us the end of Mercury Retrograde and a lot of meteor showers this month. This has sent a lot of good, high, positive energy all around. Unfortunately I did not see the first shooting star! I am hearing a lot of positive transformations from my clients at this time. Relationships are taking off; businesses are doing better, and overall just a positive shift in energy. Although spring and summer are my favorite seasons, there are certain things that I look to in the fall. For one the changing colors of the leaves! I am a guest on a few radio shows upcoming this fall and will post some of them soon. One coming up in the month of September is a two-hour call in show for psychic readings, and they do offer Internet access for you to listen if you are not local. This is a great way to get in that free question! Two open phone lines remain on my website for psychic readings, as well as there are appointments, chat and email options. I also want to remind you that the email address has changed! To reach me directly, email Due to a busy schedule anything for Central Virginia Psychic Development & Paranormal Research has been placed on hold for the summer. If you visit my website and find I am unavailable, please use the buttons from one of the social networks for Facebook or Twitter, as these will generally indicate when I return. As promised I will try to keep up with the blog and give you a few more details on my personal life. I promise you that outside of the odd hours that I work to accommodate different time zones, I live a pretty normal life. No bats, dungeons or anything like that! I still have projects going on in my backyard, that I am unsure of when they will be finished. This is primarily due to me adding to them! With the help of a friend with a greenhouse, I also have successfully grown my own herbs this summer to include basil, lavender and cilantro. (And of course tomaotoes!) I believe it is always important that you should have a place at home to relax and unwind and for me, its my backyard. In my personal life, I thank all of you that have sent me emails regarding my mom. Some of you have asked, and no, she does not live with me. She lives with my aunt approximately 15 to 20 minutes away. Overall she is doing well and has good days and bad days. I am happily surprised to find how many times Reiki has been mentioned for cancer patients and appears in various publications on pain management! Although I personally am a big supporter and believer in Reiki, I was thrilled to see how many times this has been recommended! For those of you that have never tried Reiki, you REALLY don’t know what your missing!