Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Upcoming in 2013

           2013 will be a year that is all about “Changes”.  At present it appears that a vast part of the population have lost their perspective, as our country stands divided over the recent Presidential election.  This negativity will subside as things begin to move forward.  You can expect changes in our current government, though not well received at first; they will have a positive outcome at large.  Unfortunately I also see that there will be a continued struggle and battle for health care for those that need it as well.
            At some point there is a problem with our fuel supply with a lot of talk about tapping into our national reserve.  There also appears to be a terrorist attack on US soil that cannot be avoided.  With this attack there will be some type of public “Vaccination”. I see this as widespread and affecting all US citizens.
            The largest increase in the job market will come from small businesses instead of large corporations.  There will be many cut backs in large corporations and some that will not be able to hang on any longer.  However, there will be an unexpected growth in entrepreneurs and small businesses across the country.  Small businesses that have barely been hanging on will turn around and begin to thrive.
            There will be an increase in national disasters as well as their magnitude as our seasons begin to change there past patterns.  With this there will be an increase of religious organizations as people begin to worry that the end in near. 
            People’s patterns will begin to change.  There will be a significant decrease in those that travel abroad as they choose to stick closer to home.  There is also a significant decrease in the purchase of new homes and new automobiles.  This is basically due to people getting back to the basics and remembering what is important.  You will see more large spread downsizing, and a lot that will begin to “Save for a rainy day”.
            In matters of the heart you will see more relationships forming than ending.  Long term relationships and marriages will be on the rise, as you will see a decrease in the divorce rate.
            A break through will occur in medical treatment of many now known diseases.  This will be as a result and the use of oxygen.  It will be discovered how something so simple can treat many symptoms of diseases and an increase and demand for hypobaric oxygen chambers.  There will also be an increase of homeopathy and holistic practices as people have the need to get back to the basics.  Diet and exercise will definitely be on a large-scale increase in 2013.
            Overall, this will be a year of people planning ahead and establishing a “Plan B”.  An alternative to their current living situations.

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