Friday, February 1, 2013

January 2013 "Rants & Raves"

And once again, it looks like I am a day late getting to this, lol. Hang in there with me as it has been a crazy month.  This months topic is on my Mom and Reiki.  (Pictured below, my Mom and my daughter.)

This month has revolved around my Mom who is in the final stages of breast cancer.  We had a wonderful time over the holidays and unfortunately she took a turn for the worst on January 4th.  Now that we are at February 1st we are down to days if not hours.  I can say that she is at peace and my family is doing well.  Although we knew this was the path we were on, it is much harder now that the time is here.  Your emails of your stories, prayers and encouragement have been a LOT of my support.

Another topic I wanted to discuss was "Reiki", and for those that are not familiar with it, it is also known as the "Healing Touch", or simply energy healing.  Cancer patients are fond of this, or anyone seeking pain releif.  I have told some of my current Reiki students that I would go a little further with this here in my blog.

My Mom has always been my number one fan in anything I do.  (Yep a little biased!)  She is the one that encouraged me learning Reiki to begin with.  She has always been very big into meditation, relaxation, reflexology and aromatherapy.  With her encouragement, I became a Reiki Master.  (Meaning that I am at the teaching level to certify others.)  She has always been supportive and LOVED learning about the chakras  (Your energy fields).  She was also a willing participant in my learning days as someone to practice on.

In giving a Reiki session, I personally experience many things as a practitioner.  Sometimes my hands may tingle or one become hot or cold.  The "alignment" of what I can see on someones chakras vary by many.  To the person receiving Reiki their experiences tend to be the same and its not uncommon to have no experience.

Summer before last, my  Mom had quit a stressful job, and asked that I come over one afternoon for a Reiki session.  Her session went well, although my right hand was very hot and hot to her touch around her chest.  It was approximately a month later that a knot surfaced on her breast to which she did not have checked out right away, or tell anyone about.  When she did we learned that she was in the late stages of breast cancer, and oddly enough it was on the exterior.  For a long time, I carried a guilt of that Reiki session until I spoke with one of her doctors at Massey Cancer Center. To my surprise, I learned that he was also a Reiki Master.  It was nice to be reminded that Reiki enters the body for the "Greater Good" and is to push anything foreign out in aligning the chakras.  So did the Reiki session push the tumor out?  We don't know, but we do know because it was exterior it was found.  I have also learned that it has been very common for odd things to heal on someone that I had no prior knowledge of.  Reiki certainly won't heal cancer, but it does play a significant role in their pain management, and I was surprised to learn how many publications this was mentioned in at the cancer center.

My Mom has continued to receive those Reiki sessions running with her latest one being the day before yesterday.  Throughout her cancer, I can say her sessions have been normal but the heart chakra has always been "Over inflated".  Two weeks ago, as things got really bad, I did a Reiki session on her, and found comfort and new meanings to the words "Surrounded by the white light" as she certainly was.  Her chakras were barely visible due to that surrounding.  The day before yesterday, she requested a Reiki session as the pain was unbearable and the medication was no longer working.  The best I could describe this is all of her chakras were there, but paper thin, she is still surrounded by the white light and the heart chakra is still inflated.  A few hours after her session she went to sleep.  As of now, she is still asleep.  And for me?  I have NO regrets.

For those that have a story to share or experience, please feel free to do so.  For those that are seeking more information in learning Reiki or wondering if it is right for you, please email me at  The Reiki Course will remain at a reduced rate, as long as I do not become overwhelmed with students.  I have since established a Facebook page just for Reiki so feel free to join me there!

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