Saturday, February 22, 2014

Will my case be on TV?

The immediate response to this question would be NO.

With so many paranormal shows, and paranormal specials appearing, this is now becoming a common question.  Our intention and focus is on YOUR case, not television.  On the flip side, we have also upped our screening process on cases to make sure that it is not YOUR intention.

I want to take the time to clarify some of this process.  We are indeed contacted by production companies on varying occasions throughout the year.  In addition, we have had homeowner’s submit their own cases to various shows.  So let me see if I can give you some insight as to how this works.

Let me give you an example of some of the questions a production company will approach us with:

-         Do you have a location with a history of….
-         Has anyone ever reported …
-         Have you had an investigation with….
-         Have you ever been in a location like…
-         Do you have a family that has experienced …
-         Do you have any cases that were not paranormal because of …
-         Do you have any footage of…
-         Do you have any families that need help with….
-         Have any families changed their lives because of …
-         Can you back the families claims with evidence of ….

That is just a short list to give you an idea of what we are asked on our end.  Now in the event that we have a case they are looking for, there are questions for the homeowner’s that may appear like this:

-         Are they comfortable with sharing their story?
-         Do they mind going on camera?
-         Are they looking for money?
-         Do they rent or own their home?
-         Will they allow production in their home?
-         Are they willing to travel?

On our end, we are looking at everything INCLUDING the production company that has contacted us:

-         Are they looking for the “worst of the worst” for ratings?
-         What have they produced before?
-         What kind of airtime are they looking at for this case?  (6 minutes or an hour?)
-         Have they ever produced anything with the paranormal before?  (That is a BIG deciding factor!)

In the event that we can make a match with all of these pieces, you will be contacted by either JACKIE or NIKKI.  (No one else portraying as CVAPI!)  Your information is NOT released to ANY production company unless we contact you first.  If you give us the go ahead for them to contact you directly then we will do so.  (For those that are submitting your own cases, we would appreciate the same in return.)

In reality, there is only a SMALL PERCENT that we can make a match to.  We have also had cases to which the homeowner has backed out of filming to which we are completely FINE with.  There is also no time limit as to when these cases occurred.  Recently we filmed our best case from 2009.  However, we have been asked before to return to the location for additional footage.

You may contact us through our website, or email us directly. or

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