Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 2014 "Rants & Raves"

Welcoming the month of June and the first day of summer hit on the 21st.  (My favorite season of the year!)  Today I am celebrating 8 years on my website.  It is hard to believe that 8 years ago, it actually launched as a 3 to 5 page site.  So, for the remainder of the month, one-hour phone readings for $98 and the Reiki course remains on sale, with an additional discount to groups of 4 or more.  (Email me, for an appointment for a one-hour reading.)

I can say that June has been a rather productive month as far as me getting some things done that I had been putting off.  My daughter and I have also really enjoyed having Jaselyn outside and spending some pool time with her.

I do have an issue that I want to address this month.  That pertains to the bashing of psychics and the paranormal and a few other things on television.  I have a LOT to say about this so I plan to do so on a separate blog.

Live readings have been put on hold until I find another local venue.  As an alternative, you may want to check into hosting a Psychic Party.

I have run into some problems with scheduling appointments in advance.   I am in Virginia and in the Eastern Time Zone.  Understandably, a lot of you are in a different time zones.  Though I express this when setting the appointment, you can generally go to “Google”  to find the time zone conversion.  If you are having a problem with this PLEASE just let me know.

I have a lot of writing to get done, and just waiting for that notion to strike me.  I actually came across something I began a few years back that I was really impressed with.  The problem appears to be in finding the time to do so.

I do get a lot of questions on Reiki and will see if I can give you a brief summary of it.  It pertains to “Energy healing”.  Learning the “Chakras”  (the energy fields), and how to align them.  It is also used for the “Greater good”, meaning the intent is to heal or relieve pain in the areas needed.  Will it cure things?  NO.  It is wonderful for pain management, or centering and grounding yourself.  If you have any questions or anything you would like to discuss, don’t hesitate to email me.

Mercury Retrograde ends on July 1st.  I have several varying reports of some that this retrograde has hit them hard, to some that say it has not been that bad.  Either way, you are coming up on the end of it.  The next Retrograde will hit October 4th to October 25th.  You can always find these dates on my website under the Free Horoscopes, as well as the traits of the zodiac and compatibility.

The month of July, it is all about new beginnings and getting things done!

Now to answer the most popular question that I get:
What do people ask you when they call?
-         Love Life (Most popular) Separation or divorce, long term or short terms, if someone is coming in their love life, are things ending, infidelity, and just about anything pertaining to love.
-         Career – Have they chosen the right career, job changes, new jobs, searching for a job, self-employed, problems at work, income, seminars and conventions, and anything pertaining to their career.
-         Money -  lack of, investments and purchases, the sale of home or property, residential moves, income potential, what the future holds, loans, those that have borrowed from them, etc.
-         Family & Friends – relationship problems, trust issues, when will they get together, vacations, etc.
-         Education – If they have chosen the right path, when they will return, funding, college, etc.
-         Missing – persons, pets and items.  (More on this below.)

That is not everything obviously, but that will give you a general idea.  My clients come from all over and all walks of life.

With one of my television appearances being on the Animal Planet, I really want to stress that I am NOT a “Pet Psychic”.  NO ONE can read your pet better than you.  However, I am good at locating them when missing and have done so many times for my friends and clients.  In regards to “Missing persons”, I do NOT get involved unless a family member or a detective directly contacts me.  (I also do not charge for this.)  And of course, I have a mouthful to say about psychics that do jump in the middle of an open investigation.

My next blog will be posted within a couple of days.  Follow me on Twitter for random specials and join me on Facebook.

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