Sunday, June 29, 2014

The "Reality" of Reality TV

This is a topic that I have been meaning to discuss for a while now and will probably publish this to both of my blogs.  In filming three separate episodes for different shows, there appears to be a lot that the general public is not aware of.  The next thing I want to discuss is the “Bashers” of psychic television, paranormal television, and Reality TV in general.

The first thing I want to start by saying, is what you see on TV, actually took days to film.  So what you are actually viewing is the highlights of what was filmed.  “Reality” TV, means that they are real people, (or real families), they are not actresses or actors.

You will also hear people state that Reality TV is scripted.  Some of it is, but what does that mean?  Let me see if I can give you an example.  Lets say production has asked me to meet up with these 3 people, at this restaurant, and discuss this topic.  That is about as scripted as it gets.  Production will film it, and they will use what they see fit, no one is reading from an actual script.  Now, also notice that the 3 people I am meeting were filmed coming in.  That is because they were met up the road and each has their mics (microphones) on.

Now speaking of microphones.  Do you ever notice on shows were they “run into” someone?  They have on microphones and yes, you can tell.  (Some shows do not.)  I can tell you that you will not be filmed for National Television and NOT sign a consent form to be on a show.

An exception to the rule of “Scripted” would be any show filmed that use re-enactments.  These are actual people stating their stories, but actresses and actors do the re-enactment part reading from an actual script that production has provided.  It also may be a set and not the actual location to which they are discussing.

Production companies like to use a neat trick called the “Voice Overlay”.  What does this mean?  Let me give you an example.  Lets say, in watching a show, you heard me say “this”.  That was indeed my voice you heard, but NOT in that particular conversation.  This could have been  filmed two days prior in a totally different conversation.  How can you tell?  Because you won’t see me on TV saying it.  It will be my voice with another scene.

After the episode has gone through several edits, who has the final say?  The Network.  They are the final decision on what is aired.  What are they looking for?  Ratings. 

So why do people watch Reality TV?  Because they LIKE it!  They like the people, the families, the subject matter, story line,  or what they represent.  It is known as “Entertainment”.  Why do the “Bashers” watch it?  Because they need a life.  With all the causes that they could represent to do some good in the world, this is what they have dedicated their time to in hopes of recognition.

However, I am sure that the actual Networks are grateful for them boosting their ratings.  Any Network can see the number of dedicated fans out weighs the “Haters” of the show by far.

A little off the topic here, but I also know someone who has their story done into a Lifetime Movie.  (Notice it says “BASED ON a true story.”)

In the last 3 months, several different individuals have contacted me about people “Bashing” popular psychics on television as well as paranormal shows.  These “Bashers” are nothing more than “Glorified Stalkers” that are seeking a following.  Some have dedicated websites to support their beliefs and some have fallen so far off their rockers that they have even self publish books on different Reality series.  These idiots have contacted me before as well as people I know.

This is when I hear the famous phrase of “I KNOW FOR A FACT….”  This is also followed by: (from me)
“Do you know these people personally?”  NO
“Have you ever met these people?”  NO
“Where you there when it happened?”  NO
“Where you there when it was filmed?”  NO
“Did production acknowledge you or ask you to be on TV?”  NO
(hmmmmm…..all very interesting.)

Next will come, “I HAVE INTERVIEWED THEIR FAMILY AND FRIENDS”.  Really?  Because you are unable to validate any of it by stating it is “Confidential”.  Well I can tell you what IS indeed “Confidential”.  The contract between the person filming and the production company as to what can be discussed.  (One would not think it would take a rocket scientist to figure that out.)  So why do people with television appearances refuse to answer to these people?  Because they don’t HAVE to and who are they anyway?

To anyone in the news field, that will actually give these idiots the time of day, I would like to suggest that you fire your researcher, because you have now tainted your own credibility.  These people have dedicated their time and energy to “EXPOSE or INVESTIGATE” one thing only and that is TELEVISION……Seriously?  (Obviously their parents never taught them not to believe everything they see on TV.) 

To those that appear on these shows, my hats off to you for taking the high road!  You are doing something right!  (In all honesty, I watch very little psychic and paranormal television, but do watch other reality shows.) 

To the “Bashers” if ANY of you EVER contact me again, I will do nothing more than refer you right back to this blog.  The very idea that you are “investigating or exposing” something seen on television is ABSURD.  The only thing you are doing is publicly stalking people. I would also like to lend some advice to those that hate Reality TV……TURN THE CHANNEL!!!

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