Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 2014 "Rants & Raves"

The end of August, that is so hard to believe!  The holidays will be here before you know it! (I am still noticing a lot of signs of an early fall.)

This has been a busy month of trying to pull things together for a schedule for the fall.  I do have another Tarot Card Workshop coming up in the month of September.  (Date pending.)  I will get information out on this as soon as I can.

I am very pleased to see “A Haunting” air this month on Destination America.  The episode “Demons Revenge” was probably the best case that we had.  (There is a blog posted on that case.)  I was also shocked to see that Demon’s Exorcist, from 4 years ago has aired on Destination America this month as well.  (Both of these families are doing great now!)

I had put out a request on Facebook that I am looking for someone local that I have read for that would not mind being filmed.  I have filled that with a couple of back ups and I appreciate all of you that responded!

I am getting several inquiries on Central Virginia PsychicDevelopment & Paranormal Research.  It is indeed my fault that we have not had a meeting recently.  I am currently working on another project that has prevented me from scheduling a date, due to having dates available for this as well. 

Tentatively the plan is to move forward with the Tarot Workshop in September and a Reiki Workshop for certifications.  The month of October by all means, will have something to do with the paranormal.  And for those interested, the next public presentation of Ghost Hunting101, will be held in Mechanicsville in November.

Due to “A Haunting”, I am getting numerous inquires about CVAPI.  Those that we take out are members of Central Virginia Psychic Development & Paranormal Research, so please join, and email me your contact information to 

I am also aware that I have many of the locals looking for psychic readings.  For now, I ask that you please go through my website or email me at to pull something together.  (Don’t forget, that psychic parties are always an option as well.)

This month, I have had numerous questions asked about psychic readings as well as the paranormal, so I want to address them here.

Is there a waiting list for a paranormal investigation?
Yes, sometimes there is.  Extreme cases generally come first and I may have to move someone back. 

Do you only take cases that are considered to be demonic?
No.  90% of our investigations are nothing more than to see if we can confirm paranormal activity.

How much equipment do you take with you?
It depends on the case.  The majority of the time, most, if not all of the equipment does go out with us.  This includes a surveillance system that runs 9 cameras.

Do you only take local cases?
Preferably, but other locations are considered.

When is the best time to catch you for a psychic reading?
Between the hours of 1pm to 1am.

Are your psychic readings cheaper in person?
No.  Although special rates are given for an hour session.

Do you run specials on your psychic readings?
Randomly.  They are posted on Twitter.

Can I split a session with a friend?
For 30 minutes or an hour, YES.  For 15 minutes or an email/chat, NO.

Do you take walk-ins?

How do I set an appointment with you?
Email me directly at

(I would like to add, that if you try to reach me by phone and I did not pickup, it is indeed possible that I am on another call at that time.)  Twitter posts are on the front page of my website and will let you know when I am available as well.

I have so many of you that inquire about Jaselyn and she has just turned 9 months old.  I took some time off Monday to go with her and my daughter to the county fair and we ALL had a blast!  Currently I believe my daughter is planning her first birthday party.  Jaselyn also won her first pageant this month.

For those of you that missed “A Haunting” Destination America will rerun that episode this Sunday night the 31st at 10pm.  (I am more than pleased to see that New Dominion Pictures did a great job on Tiffany’s story!)

As of today, I am finally caught up on emails!  (If I missed yours, please let me know.)  I am currently on a normal schedule and getting ready for horoscopes for September this weekend.

Until next time….

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