Friday, April 24, 2015

March & April 2015 "Rants & Raves"

I had to check, because I have never missed a month of posting, however, I ran out of time in the month of March.  (And no I didn’t forget, I just didn’t have time to get to it.)
The last few weeks I have been juggling appointments, Jaselyn, my book and the dreaded deed of yard work.

I am super excited to see spring here!  (Excluding the pollen of course.)  However, the yard work that comes with it is always challenging in the clean up after the winter.  I am happy to report that this task is almost complete!

The book I am working on is coming to an end.  (Kind of sad about that as odd as that may sound.)  I had hoped to have it to the editor by now, but due to my schedule I have pushed that back a bit.  And of course I have a few rewrites where I want to change some things up.  However, I will keep you posted on this.  I can say I have enjoyed every single minute of it and kind of sad that it’s coming to an end.  There again, I am excited because there is a second one that will follow.

Miss Jaselyn is a delight!  She is spitting out new words each week.  I am amazed on how smart she is and how quickly she picks up things.  She is a joy to have around!  Currently we are working on a small garden for her to plant things in.  (She loves digging in the dirt.)  I have purchased my own car seat and looking forward to park dates and story time at the library.

Though I struggle with my sinuses and allergies, I am enjoying watching everything come into bloom.  My azaleas bloomed this week.  My aunt planted them years ago and they now stand between 8 and 10 foot tall!  Simply gorgeous!

Spring brings crazy weather around here.  From hot to cool.  I am still trying to plan an outing to Hollywood Cemetery so if you are interested join me at Central Virginia Psychic Development &Paranormal Research.

CVAPI is getting a lot of calls, but due to my schedule I don’t have any investigations logged as of now.  (And since I actually typed that I am sure I will!)

So far, everything for me has been rolling along pretty smoothly.  Sometimes you just have to embrace that you are just “In a good spot.”  I am happy to report, that is where I am!

My daughter has been doing wonderful with Origami Owl and loving it.  They now offer “Inscriptions”  (below), so my personalized one came in and I LOVE IT.  She is beginning to work local area vendor events, so if you know of one coming up, please let me know and I will pass it along to her.

Due to being a “Ghost hunter” I have often asked if I am scared of anything.  Well the truth is YES.  (Not of ghosts, even though if you ever see one it will leave you speechless and cost you a few nights sleep.)  My fear….Lizards and frogs!  (Or any reptile!)  Currently my patio appears to be full of those blue tail lizards.  Although they are harmless (And probably just as scared of me.)  They scare me to death!   They may as well be the size of a dragon!  My cat Roxy recently killed one, earning her the name of “Roxy the dragon slayer”, currently she is my hero!  (That is huge because we don’t always get along!)

I want to remind everyone that Mother’s Day is May 10th.  Take care of your Mom’s and if you are a Mother yourself I hope you have a special day and will do something to celebrate your AWESOMENESS!

Currently, I don't have anything local lined up.  However, email me, and I can make arrangements to meet you somewhere.

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Until next time…