Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 2015 "Rants & Raves"

Hello Mercury Retrograde!  Yes, it appears to be in full affect and will run until June 11th.  Depending on your zodiac sign, this one is hitting some emotionally, in their love life, and some financially.  It is the time of the “Unexpected” where you can expect anything from “Good to bad” in those areas.

For whatever reason, from time to time, I am seeing a delay when someone messages me on Facebook.  In the event that I don’t respond, this is probably why.  Your best bet is to email me directly through one of my websites.

I have a LOT of inquiries regarding my next local event.  Generally I would have this set up by now.  However, I have had a lot going on this month as well as keeping up with my readings and emails.  I do hope to have something set up towards the end of June.

In a previous blog, I had mentioned that if you were local I could generally make arrangements to meet somewhere.  A LOT of this depends on your location and if I have appointments.  So please consider that I need as many days in advance as possible.

After a rough winter I SWORE that I would not complain about the hot weather.  However, that appeared to change when my air conditioning went out!  (I might add, right when the humidity hit, of course.)  You probably have no idea just how much I hate dealing with contractors on anything.  However, my faith was restored in finding an honest one!  (Yes, there are still a few honest people out there, you just have to find them!)  So now that AC season is in full force here in Virginia, and if your local, give David Hall from Hall’s Heating and Air Inc. a call at (804) 218-2403.  (Tell him Jackie sent you.)  Not only was he honest, he explained everything thoroughly, did a great job, and followed up himself.

With that said, a few weeks in the heat, and I am running behind on several things.  (Writing and scheduling events for starters.)  I hope to get that under control this week.

Next, I have switched up things on the Weekly Forecast, though I have not had it changed on the website.  Because these are personalized forecasts, some weeks may be a little longer then other.  Therefore, I prefer the delivery method via email.  (These go out every Sunday afternoon or Sunday evening.)  Due to the amount of subscriptions there is LIMITED AVAILABILITY for me to take on any more.  So if this is something that you are considering, it is something you need to take action on.

In regards to the Reiki Course, I still have some copies available and I have had many ask.  YES, I am retiring this but not anytime soon.  If it is something that you are interested in email me at

CVAPI is continuing to get requests for paranormal investigations.  This week I will start setting up the schedule.  In regards to Central Virginia Psychic Development & Paranormal Research, I am also seeking to setup something here as well.  This is probably going to be on an evening so we don’t melt in the heat.

Jaselyn is growing like a weed and LOVES being outside.  She has a little garden out back that she enjoys working in and loves anything to do with water.

For those that have seen me through the technical problems of my phone line for the last 2 months, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!  This has prompted an entire system upgrade, so if you have me stored in your phone, there is a new number….
1-800-679-6021  No extension number and the same price.  (This system will now notify you when you are coming up on the end of the call.)  In the event you call and do not get an answer, please wait a few minutes and call back.  Chances are I am indeed on another call with someone that has a prior appointment.  Though rare, it does happen from time to time.  The best time for psychic readings is between 1pm to 1am.

Your horoscopes will publish tomorrow and don’t forget that the first official day of summer is June 21st.   I know a lot of you are planning vacations so be safe and have fun!

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Until next time…