Sunday, September 27, 2015

For the week of 9-27-15

Saturday, September 26, 2015

September 2015 "Rants & Raves"

HELLO FALL!  Although I am not fond of cold weather, I am enjoying a break from the heat.  Time for pumpkin spice everything!

It has been a busy month.  I am thrilled that we were able to take Jaselyn to the beach right before the weather changed.  To our surprise she associated the ocean with Spongebob!  We do have another weekend getaway coming up in the month of October that we are also excited about before cold weather hits.

Beginning this week, (tomorrow actually), I will be setting up my YouTube Channel for a weekly video  blast of what to expect for the week ahead.  (Encouraged by a friend.)  These will be short videos.  I plan to post them on Sundays and will embed them into my blog.  Now, I will NOT be sending out an email blast on these, so if your interested in seeing them, please subscribe to the YouTube channel and it will send you an email when a new video is posted.  (Who knows, you may get a shout out.)

We are currently under Mercury Retrograde until October 9th.  Although the energy is a little odd on this one, it is also the last one of the year.  This one is triggering a lot of things to surface from the past, from people, places, to objects.  Also on Monday September 28th, it is a combination of the Super Moon, Blood Moon.  This can hit some rather hard in the emotional sector.

Another month has flown by quickly!  Your October horoscopes will post this Thursday on the first.  I have had many of you Subscribe to them, and will keep that subscription option open.

Details, details, details!  This is what makes for a totally awesome psychic reading.  I go out of my way to provide as many details for you that I can.  Now, I need the same from you.  Often I will ask a new client, “How did you find me?”  More than often I am told….the internet.  I need to know where on the internet.  I mention this because as we enter the last quarter of the year, I begin looking at my current advertising campaign as to what I need to change for 2016.  So let me know how you found me. Social network, directory, ad, radio?  This is what I need to know.

Also, I love, love, love hearing your feedback!  While at Virginia Beach I ran into a client that I had read for many years ago.  I love hearing how the reading went and what came to pass.  Don’t EVER hesitate to email me and let me know.  With that said, I don’t always have time to email every single person back, but in case you are wondering, I do read every single one!

Now, to answer some Q&A’s:

Will you ever live stream a paranormal investigation?
I do have the ability to do so, but the answer is, it is highly doubtful.  I say this because you, the viewer, would be bored to tears.  What video clips and audio files we do capture on an investigation, generally has taken us hours to get.

How do I set an appointment with you for a psychic reading?
Visit my website here, or email me directly.  My website will list many options available.

How can I get a reading with you in person?
I do have some options available for this.  If you can get a group of your friends together, then we can look at meeting somewhere or doing a psychic party.  The key here, is that I need as much notice as possible on a date!  Also keep your eyes on my blog or website for any upcoming events.  ****I will be in the WILLIAMSBURG area in October.****

Do you ever work any psychic fairs?
Generally speaking….NO.  I don’t like the energy of them. 

With all that you do, how in the world do you manage your schedule?
The best times to schedule a psychic reading are between 1pm and 1am EST.

I have many of you asking about the next Tarot Card Workshop…..and YES it is getting to be that time of the year.  I am working on putting a Saturday together in the month of November in Chester, Virginia.  I will keep you posted!

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Until next time….