Saturday, November 28, 2015

November 2015 "Rants & Raves"

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  This is also a reminder to be “Thankful” for something each and every day, even when you are going through tough times.  (Tough times are generally brief and passing, so always look for the positive.)

This month has flown by way too quick for me.  As most of you know, I was out of state for a whole week this month.  (I think I am now caught up.)  I thank you for your patience!  I did have a bit of a wifi problem from time to time.

I spent an entire week in Elkins, WV for a criminal trial for the prosecution.  (I am also told that I was very lucky it was not snowing there this time of year!)  The scenery was breath taking!  However, I am not used to driving in the mountains so the trip to and from Elkins, I found to be a bit stressful.  The actual town and people of Elkins were very inviting.


I want to go a little further with this by saying, if you are a criminal or involved in criminal activity, I am NOT the psychic to contact!  In 9 years of doing this full time, this was my 4th criminal.  Also the first one I did not turn in myself, and the first one I had to go to court on.  How did they find me?  They confiscated this person’s computer.  When that happens, if you have visited my website, made a transaction, or emailed me, investigators WILL find it.  (This could either clear you on an investigation or convict you.) 95% of my clients, I have never met face to face.  This is NOT the way for us to meet!

A note to psychic’s, the majority of us carry a disclaimer on our website that states “For Entertainment Purposes Only”, including myself.  Why do we do this?  Because there is no guarantee on accuracy.  This DOES NOT apply during criminal investigations, particularly because that person is contacting you on actual life events.

I did get home the night before Jaselyn’s second birthday party!  She had a special visitor of “Minnie Mouse” come to her party.  This was followed by an early Thanksgiving with one side of the family the following day.

This moved us up to the current week of cooking for our own Thanksgiving dinner.  So as you can see, I have been busy since I have been back.  Some how or another I have still managed to catch up on everything.  (Although I wonder how!)

I am getting REALLY good feedback on the weekly videos on YouTube.  I will continue to post a link to these here on the blog, as well as a link on my horoscope page.  What I have not posted is on the YouTubechannel, you will now find individual videos for some of the zodiac signs for the week.  If you would like to see your sign added to that weekly mix just send me an email to  I will continue these throughout the month of December.  Depending on the feedback, shares, views etc, I will then make the decision if this is something I will move forward with next year.

I have not sent out a newsletter this year.  I do have a newsletter going out the first week of December.  You may “Subscribe”here, as it will have specials for the entire month of December. 

News on my book, it’s going incredibly well and the first edit is almost complete!  The book cover is now underway. (Again, I had a weeks set back on this.)  I had really hoped to have this out in the month of December, however, due to an unexpected trip and a couple of other factors, I have had to push the launch date out a bit.  STAY TUNED!  As I am approaching the final steps!

I also believe that you will have the opportunity for pre-orders on this.  (I will begin the sequel this winter.)  I will also post more information on the blog, about the book in the month of December.

Speaking of winter, I hope everyone is prepared!  (And no I am not!)  Due to El Nino, it does appear that this is going to be a white winter for most of us.  Including some of you that normally don’t see snow!

Don’t forget that your horoscopes will post on Tuesday this week.  Also I am back to a normal schedule for psychic readings.  The best time to reach me remains between the hours of 1pm to 1am.  And your videos for this coming week ofNovember 30th are now up!

For special discounts follow me on Twitter, and as always join me on Facebook.  (I have just recently joined Periscope under PsychicJackieT, and this is connected to my Twitter account.)

May you all remain stress free and positive as we move forward with Christmas!

Until next time….

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