Friday, December 18, 2015

December 2015 "Rants & Raves"

Well here we are at the end of another year!  I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  I am excited with Jaselyn turning two; she appears to be excited about Santa Claus this year!

I am adding a new service to my website in 2016.  (Sometime in the first quarter.)  This will allow you to see my availability, schedule your appointment as well as it will do the time conversion for you.  I will have more information on this in the next few weeks.

Some of you have noticed that I am slowly having some changes made to my website.  If you should come across anything that is not working, please let me know by emailing me at

In less then two weeks it will be 2016!  A time to celebrate the New Year and new beginnings!  I will post my predictions for 2016 here in the next few days.

If all goes as planned, my book will release in January of2016.  I have this setup if you would like more information on pre-orders, the release date, and information on the sequel.  I had not intended for everything to take this long!  However, with everything falling into place, there will NOT be a large lag before the sequel comes out, once everything is done.

I have received a lot of great feedback in regards to the weekly YouTube videos.  Although these are just a two-minute snippet of your week ahead, they do take up a lot of time.  Shooting the video is not a problem, but tagging them and uploading them takes a lot of time.  At this time I am not sure I can commit to these on a weekly basis. 

Your free monthly horoscopes will continue throughout the year of 2016.  Just a reminder, that you get an “Extended” version of these in the month of January.  If you would like to get these a couple of days early, please subscribe to them here.  (I will also post the dates for 2016, Mercury Retrogrades under the horoscopes as I do every year.)

This time of the year the most popular reading is the 2016 12-month email report.  As of now I am turning these around in under 48 hours.  Though it is popular this time of year, it remains available throughout the year.

I’m going to close this out with my current specials for December.  As always follow me on Facebook or join me on Twitter.  THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER FANTASTIC YEAR!!

(Check back soon for your 2016 predictions!)

 December Specials (Expire 12-31-15)

EMAIL READINGS - Double the questions for the same price.  (Buy 2 questions, and ask 4!)

REIKI COURSE - On Sale through 12-31-15, $99

ONE HOUR PHONE READING - On Sale, (You may split with a friend is used during the same time session.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Until next time...

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