Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 2016 "Rants & Raves"

Hello spring!  It won’t be long now before we start complaining about the heat.  This is one of my favorite times in the year where everything comes into bloom.  I now have everything we need for Jaselyn’s garden and will need to make some time on a pretty day, to get it underway.  This was one of her favorite projects last year.

March has been a busy month for me. I have many new endeavors going on behind the scenes and they are still underway.  I thank you all for your patience in some of the changes on my websites.  I am listening to you and I now realize that some of the things are confusing to you.  This will be addressed in the month of April.

In the month of April, all of my websites are going to undergo a major overhaul.  (For the better!)  With this there is a slight possibility that the website may go down completely as it is under construction.  In the event that this does happen, you may still reach my by email at Jackie@ms-swami.com.

For those of you trying to reach me or looking for an appointment.  Please note that there is a live calendar of my availability that is updated several times a day.

I am still hearing from those that have fallen victim to common scams or are questioning what someone has presented to them.  I will designate an area on my website specifically for this topic.

I am also going to clarify Reiki for you on the website as well.  (I am constantly getting questions on this.)  I am finding that a lot of massage places are now offering Reiki, and I think it is wonderful.  However, Reiki has NOTHING to do with massage!  Reiki does NOT have to be hands on.  If it is hands on, it is the placement of the hands on your chakras (energy fields), not massage.  Part of becoming a Reiki Master is to know how to do this with no hands, or hands off, and learning to do this distantly.

I believe the confusion is that over the years it has also been known as the “Healing Touch.”  When in fact, it does not require hands on.  The “Healing” part is because it is sent into the body for the greater good, healing what is amiss.  In short, it is an “Energy Healing” and nothing more.  Anyway, more on this subject later.

Another subject that I am often asked about is my belief on the “Laws of attraction.”  And yes, I do believe in it!  (“Where thoughts go, energy flows!”)  I am a firm believer that when you keep your thoughts positive, you draw positive things to you and vice versa.  (Meaning if you are negative you can draw that to you as well.)  I know some of you are into making “Manifestation boards” and I support those too!  (These are actual visual boards of the things that you would like to come into your life.)  I believe it is NEVER a bad time to focus on your dreams or your goals!

This year I am resuming my monthly meetings with Central VAPsychic Development & Paranormal Research.  Our first meeting was this month.  It was great to see some new faces!  It is a great opportunity to get together with some like-minded people on varying topics.  Our next get together is a day at the park on Sunday April 24th at Maymont Park for a tour of the Dooley Mansion.  I am hoping the weather will be wonderful enough for us to enjoy the gardens and petting zoo after the tour.  The month of May there will be a meeting on paranormal equipment.  So if you are local, please feel free to join us!

For those of you that have read or currently reading mybook, I thank you!  You have no idea how much I have enjoyed your input!  This helps me tremendously with the sequel.  I love, love, love hearing your feedback on the characters!

Don’t forget that your free monthly horoscopes will post on Friday of this week.  Upcoming in April, I will have some random YouTube clips go up.

Please join me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.  (For those of you using Twitter….get the  PERISCOPE the app!  You will see A LOT of me there in the month of April.)

Until next time…

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Jackie's horoscopes for March 2016