Monday, July 31, 2017

July 2017 "Rants & Raves"

Funny how summer is my favorite season and seems to go by the quickest.  July has been a really great month for me.  We were able to spend the 4th at Virginia Beach with some friends as well as visit our friends from New Jersey in Williamsburg.

I also have a couple of outings coming up in the month of August and September.  As of now none should affect my schedule too bad.  However, I am taking time off this Saturday and Sunday, and will check my emails often.

For the last couple of months I have taken off on Sundays and I plan to keep this in place.  For now the best time to reach me will remain between 1pm and 1am.  (This will change this coming fall, details soon!)  Meanwhile, you can always check my live calendar for availability as it is updated often. I do check emails often, so email me anytime for availability.

All of my current specials will remain in place for the month of August.  Also your horoscopes for the month are now up. 

If you are having problems getting through to me on the 800#please let me know.  This only appears to be a problem for just a few and tech support is having problems locating it.  The regular number is also in place as well as Click4Advisor.  A little confusing to all, is they appear to have varying availability.  The most accurate is the live calendar.

Mercury Retrograde will hit us all in the month of August from August 12th thru September 5th.  Though this is not normally a good time to start anything new, this one has a pretty good vibe to it.  It is the time frame of the unexpected, but appears in a positive light in regards to positive changes.  Also, this is coming in abnormally strong on the financial front for all 12 signs!

For those of you that follow me on YouTube, I have had to drop some of the videos over the last couple of months just due to making time for them.  However, I will continue with them.

For those that always ask, Jaselyn is doing great and will soon begin pre-school.  She has had a busy summer as well.

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Until next time…