Saturday, September 30, 2017

September 2017 "Rants & Raves"

September has bought us the season of fall!  This means cooler temperatures and the changing of the leaves.  (To my daughter, it means pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!)  We entered September by taking our last summer outing to Virginia Beach to celebrate my daughter’s birthday and spun of a new group of friends in Maryland.

A lot of you have noticed that the homepage of my website has taken on a different look.  There will be a lot of changes to all of my websites over the remainder of the year.  (No worries, services and rates remain the same.)  I am purging a lot of things and cleaning them up slowly.

I am excited that a new service went into place this week!  This is a FREE subscription service that will allow me to send you text messages/SMS on readings or classes.  To join
TEXT 81010…..then send a MESSAGE that reads @jackietom 

The next change is my 800#.  Now to be honest, there may be a couple of days that this number is NOT working….(I will update you here.)  If that is the case please use the alternate number instead.  A new behind the scenes platform is in progress for that number, therefore it may be down a couple of days.

My availability pretty much will remain the same for the exception of Tuesday evenings.  I will take some time off on Tuesday evenings for the next few weeks to participate in a bible study.  However, I will be available until 6pm and again after 10pm.  I highly encourage you to check my LIVE CALENDAR as it is updated often!

I also have a new project underway.  In addition I hope to start a painting project in the month of October.  (It appears my best comes out when I am busy!)

Meanwhile my family is looking forward to Halloween!  Jaselyn has already picked her costume and wants to be “Sally” from the Nightmare Before Christmas.  (She has been sick the last week and hope she feels better soon!)

Your free monthly horoscopes for the month of October are already up, and don’t forget you get those monthly, daily, and weekly on YouTube!

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Until next time…

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