Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January 2018 "Rants & Raves"

No matter where you are located I know most of you saw some snow in the month of January.  Even the areas that never get snow, had some this year.  Although I am not fond of it, it has allowed me to get a lot done behind the scenes of my websites.

Don’t forget that we are welcoming the “Blue moon” tonight.  This may cause a loss of sleep, weird dreams, and just overall scattered energy around a lot of people.

If you are local and have not done so, I have moved Central VA Psychic Development & Paranormal Research to a Facebook group.  You will also find a link to that group on my website.  CVAPI remains in place for paranormal investigations.

Also, I am offering a free text service for specials to which you will also find on the main page of my website.

Your free monthly horoscopes should post later this evening for the month of February.  I am finally working on my newsletter so if you are interested please Subscribe.  In addition, I am only taking 2 more subscribers to the weekly forecast.  Don’t forget, if you are looking for an appointment, I ask that you please check my Live Calendar for availability as it is updated several times a day.

For the next few weeks, I will be taking some time off on Monday evenings for a bible study with the ladies at church.  I will also be planning a trip out of state soon, and hopefully get to meet some of my clients in person.  (More on this soon!)

This month has been busy for me behind the scenes.  January brings in the corporate fillings, annual reports, credit card compliance, etc.  All the yucky stuff I hate dealing with.

A lot of you have noticed the change over on the website.  I am SUPER excited about this!  This has been a slow process that included many upgrades, a lot of tech and development as well as moving the server to the sites out of state.  Many of you have asked, and yes the photos in the background are indeed real.  (Virginia Beach, Virginia.)

The biggest addition is the new phone system that now will bring you Jackie’s Psychics.  These are hand selected by Jackie and located throughout the US, each carrying their own gifts.  (NOT a psychic for hire line!)  January I have bought in Linda in Ohio, and Nikki in New Jersey.  Be sure to check them out and read all about their gifts.  (A couple of more are coming in the month of February.)

Thank you to all of those that have worked with me in the site and line being down from time to time.  As of now, it appears that everything is up and running smoothly.

I am still accommodating a regular working schedule.  However, this gives you additional options to those that I know personally and trust.  As well as this will allow for the growth of my YouTube channel.  Over the next few weeks, I plan to bring those popular workshops that are currently at the local level to YouTube. (Other ideas are formulating as well.)

I find it hard to believe that 2018, has me stepping out into my 12th year in business.  This I am excited about as changes are taking place.  I LOVE my clients and I LOVE the work I do.  However, staying out at the public level does present some problems for me from time to time.  (More below.)

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Until next time…

A personal note to my Number One Stalker,

You have displayed to me that you have no life as it takes you well over an hour every time; you report all of my videos twice a week as “Inappropriate content” to YouTube.  Every single time you report them, YouTube puts them back in place.

In the same, it takes time from your day to continuously report the link to my website on Facebook as “Suspicious”.

Your complaints of me adding psychics to my website are unrecognized.  As the ONLY LICENSED PSYCHIC IN CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, my company holds a right to Independently contract whoever they want, as any other company.  Nor am I bothered by what others do.  My company is compliant with the fortuneteller ordinance at both the local and federal levels.

Your numerous attempts to access the company’s bank accounts, have been thwarted and will continue to be.

Your total and complete obsession with me has become disturbing. You need help.  In regards to the exposure as to who you are…Prayer Warriors are on it!