Tuesday, October 30, 2018

October 2018 "Rants & Raves"

Happy Halloween everyone!  For those out with the little ones tomorrow night I hope you have a safe and happy time!  Jaselyn decided to paint her pumpkin this year, and I believe she still plans to carve it as well.  Below is a picture of her as a cowgirl and Casey being a good sport with a pumpkin mask.

Our weather here has been all over the place this month as fall settles in.  Unfortunately, we did have some tornado warnings that took out a couple of our trees.  

I have had numerous emails from you this month regarding the YouTube videos.  I did have some technical problems at one point that have since been corrected.  I also plan to keep up with the YouTube live videos as we have built a strong community over there.  Thank you for the emails, the only way I know if an era has occurred on YouTube or my websites is if you take the time to let me know!

November is approaching and I will run specials throughout the end of the year.  Also, it looks like I will be adding a couple of new services in November.  Again, it is coming into that time of year and I am getting emails regarding the one-year forecast.  Although popular this time of year, it will remain in place throughout the year and going into 2019.

I will also work on updating my mailing list, so if you have not subscribed to my newsletter you may find the link here.

New on the site....I have removed the 800# for now.  I have not decided if I am bringing this back, or keeping things the way they are.  Your input is greatly appreciated!!!

I still have a couple of openings for new Reiki students so if you are interested please email me and let me know.  (These have also been purchased in the past as gifts.)

Our next Mercury Retrograde begins November 16th and runs through December 6th.  This is the time frame of the unexpected.  Although I am not anticipating things to go wrong...it can carry that "Mechanical punch" of things breaking down.

Your free monthly horoscope should post to the website today for the month of November, so ENJOY!

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Until next time...

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