Thursday, February 28, 2019

February 2019 "Rants & Raves"

February is such a short month.  I did not have nearly enough time to finish everything I had set out to do!  I do hope that you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day.
Two of my three websites have been updated.  (If you find any mistakes, please feel free to email me.)  CVAPI is the final that is currently under construction.  

I have added some of the popular purchases to the homepage of my website, as well as I am adding the "How to" section and will be adding to that in the month of March.  Remember that the best times to reach me are between 1pm to 1am and to please check my Live Calendar for availability. 

March brings in the first Mercury Retrograde for 2019.  Running from March 5th to March 28th, and as always this is the time of the unexpected.  This one seems to have many high's and low's in regards to finances as well as a warning of "Accidents" in general, so be careful.

March also brings in St Patty's Day on the 17th, followed by the first day of spring on the 20th.  I know many of you have had a very rough winter and are looking forward to spring.

Jaselyn is doing well and looking forward to a break in the weather so she can get back to her schedule of horse riding!  (Although she visits the farm often :) )

March in general appears to be a busy month for most, as you transition from being stuck inside of the house to outdoor activities.

February has been a wonderful month but short.  I am currently caught up on emails as I was running a bit behind.

YouTube no longer automatically posts to Twitter and Google Plus, therefore I have placed the direct link on my homepage.  Do not forget your free monthly horoscopes as your March horoscopes should be available now.

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Until next time...