Thursday, May 30, 2019

April & May 2019 "Rants & Raves"

So what happened to my blog in April?   I ran out of month, that is what happened.  I had a lot of appointments at the end of the month, as well as some things to get done, and before I knew it, we were into May!

I hope you are all enjoying the last days of spring as we will head into the first day of summer in June.  It appears the summer heat has already set in. (But not complaining.)  Unfortunately, this does bring on some severe storms.  It breaks my heart to hear two of my clients in NJ have lost their homes this week due to tornadoes.   So everyone please be safe and check in often!

Jaselyn is down to another week of preschool and is registered for kindergarten.  (She is excited!) She has resumed her horseback riding lessons for the summer and very much looks forward to that time.

My apologies to everyone as in installing an update on my email, it crashed the entire email system.  For the first time EVER I had no access to my business email for 5 days.  When the system was back up, everything (or so I thought) came through all at once.  I have since learned that some are saying they did email me in that time frame, to which I never received.  Since that time, all seems well and the system appears to be stable.

In April, The Grave Talks, released a podcast interview with me that was done in February on the paranormal case in Franklin, VA that appears on A Haunting.  You may find a link to that podcast here.

The last two months, have consisted of a lot of lifestyle changes for me.  So I have been working on these changes in addition to my work.  As always, your readings always come first.  I have also added something to YouTube.  Although I go on LIVE every so often, I am now setting out to make this a weekly event.

It is hard to schedule an exact time, due to appointments for readings, but so far I am consistently sticking with Thursday or Friday evening at 7 or 8pm EST.  I have really enjoyed these chat sessions and in getting to know everyone.  Our topics are varying, as we are all going through something.  We have had some GREAT conversations over there with some great information being shared.  This has prompted me to add "The YouTube Box" to my website for a point of reference.  Because of the time zone differences I have found a lot will listen in on playback.  So please feel free to join us anytime.
It is what they call set up for a "Super Chat" meaning you are able to pay for readings, or contribute to the channel.  In keeping up with this, we have become a real YouTube family there.  Short notice...YouTube LIVE tonight at 7pm.

I am still posting your daily, weekend, and weekly videos as well.  If I have to skip some you will be notified on the live broadcasts as we all need time off sometimes.  Also you love compatibility and traits of the zodiac are listed below your free monthly horoscopes.  June horoscopes will post today or tomorrow.

In other news....June 6th is the 13th year anniversary of the launching of my website!  Whoohooo!  Thank you all for making that possible!  It has come a long way over the years as it first published as a 3 page site.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to getting on with summer and hearing from all of you.  Stay safe during the storms!

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Until next time....

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