Friday, May 29, 2009

Fariy Dust and Magic Wands...

I have neither! In the upcoming days I will begin to discuss some very common psychic scams. Your psychic can give you insights as to what is coming up in your life. With that knowledge you have the ability to change things. We do NOT have the ability to change or make things happen for you.
For example, do not call me and tell me to MAKE your boyfriend call you. NONE of us have that ability and if you are told otherwise you are being scammed. I couldn't make my husband come home when I was married, so the likelihood of me making your boyfriend call you is not good!
There is no fairy dust or magic wand that will FIX your problems. I can give you insight on what course of action you should take.

Tarot Tip of the Day...The 7 of Cups

The 7 of cups represents delusion and a time to focus. Scattered energy and scattered thoughts. It is time to fall down and regroup. It is not that you feel the world it is against you, it is that you don't know what to do next. It also represents daydreaming.

Regular blogs for the weekend and Tarot Tip of the Day will resume on Monday!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tarot Tip of the Day....The 4 of Wands

The four of wands implements a happy home. Nothing exciting, no money, but a unity and contentness. There is still a wish for improvement and expansion. But overall, happiness and quiet. Sometimes, this can also be viewed as the calm before the storm.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What type of psychic reading are you seeking?

In searching for a psychic reading it is important to realize what type of reading you are seeking. Different psychics carry different gifts, an understanding of those gifts can put you in the right direction.
Empath - Picks up on ones emotions and feelings.
Clairvoyant - Has the ability to "see" things happen like a movie.
Intuitive - Reads by what she feels "a gut instinct".
Tarot Reader - Performs readings by using the Tarot cards.
Medium - Has the ability to connect with the other side and those who have passed.
These are just a few of the gifts to get you on the right path with your reading. Some psychics carry one gift, others may carry two or three, and some psychics possess all of the gifts and are stronger in certain areas.

Tarot Tip of the Day...The World

The World, this card is very significant. It tells you a lot just by looking at it. The one thing the World card tells you is that you need to slow down and let the Universe turn! Many times we are anxious for change, and we may feel that we are ready to move forward. The World tells us the timing is drawing near but has not approached as of yet. It also signifies that you may get ready to implement action, get your thoughts together, because the timeframe that you seek is around the corner.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tarot Tip of the Day...The Death Card

On Saturday's meeting at Tarot Talk, we discussed running a "Tarot Tip of the Day". So today is the day it will start!

Today's Card, The Death Card

In a reading the Death card does NOT mean death. It simply means the end of a negative cylce and the beginning of a new cycle. Change, and new beginnings. (If reading for someone unfamiliar with the cards, please explain this as the Death card can appear rather frightening.)

You will find when you are developing your abilities, that some things you will NOT receive answers to. They most likely will pertain to health, illness and death. I believe that there are some things that we are not suppost to know.

So the Death card for today. Could be a new project, new adventure, or possibly a new frame of mind? YOU DECIDE!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Tarot Talk

If you are local, please come and join me for "Tarot Talk" at 1:00PM at Sideline Cafe. (Details at under Events) This will cover "anything on the Tarot", it is free and open to the public.

In the Fall, I will have a full blown Tarot Card Workshop that will last approximately 3 hours. I will keep you updated as the time draws near.

The Tarot actually is not as complex as most people seem to think. I hope to be able to provide you with some simple tips to keep you from becoming overwhelmed. I am process of putting together an ebook on the Tarot, and this should be available for download in the next few weeks.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Well most of you from my website know that I had a blog that I am now moving to this blog. (Change is good!) Actually it looks like I can do a lot more with this blog verses the old one.

So, to my new readers, a little about who I am. My name is Jackie, I work under the nickname of Ms Swami, and have for years. (That name was given to me by a family friend.) I work as an online psychic as well as having my own site at I do offer a free psychic reading as a follow up to any of my paying clients.

I live in Virginia and am the founder of two different groups. The first group is Central VA Psychic Development and Paranormal Research.
The second group is an actual paranormal team known as CVAPI.

For those in the area, we do have a Meetup this weekend called Tarot Talk that is free of charge and open to the public. You will hear a lot about the Tarot on this blog.

In addition to working as a psychic and a paranormal investigator, I am also a radio show host as well as a freelance writer. Leave me some comments, follow me around, I am excited about this new blog and looking forward to getting to know everyone!