Thursday, October 20, 2011

Some amazing results with Reiki...

For those that have never tried Reiki, I highly recommend it. My original interest was for myself. A technique of grounding, relaxation and letting everyone's energy go after hours of readings. I have found this to be most successful.
Some refer to Reiki as "The Healing Touch" and indeed it can be used for healing. It is sent into the body for the "Greater good", taking care of what needs to be healed. I have seen amazing results from anywhere from toothaches to migranes.
Reiki is a form of "Energy healing" which involves aligning the chakras and cleansing the aurua. This will generally provoke a 30 day cleansing period to which some have reported some amazing breakthroughs in that 30 days.
Another use for Reiki is for your pets. My Siberian Husky, Sasha LOVES a Reiki session and actually is jealous if someone other than her is getting a Reiki session. She recently turned 11 years old, and I personally view this as a necessity in maintaining her youthful energy and overall health.
With the healing results that I have seen I am curious to find out what else can be done. I have seen toothaches and migranes, cuts and wounds. But this has left me to wonder what else can be done physically with Reiki? This has prompted me to try my own "Reiki experiment" beginning this weekend for the next few weeks.
We all know that the key to weight loss is diet and exercise. But I am curious if it would speed up your results by incorporating Reiki and some natural rememdies? Thus, this is the experiment. This will involve myself logging 4 weeks results, and then on a couple of my volunteer friends so I may share their stories as well. So, stay tuned!

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