Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring and summer...

"Transitions and Challenges", now let me explain:

This year, spring brings about "Transitions".  Changes in all areas, unfortunately, sometimes unexpected.  This is the time that we must remember the cliche' of "Change is good".  Changes occur when needed.  Although we may not LIKE change, or feel that there was no need for change, they DO happen for a reason.

How should you react when these changes occur?  Embrace them.  Good or bad.  They are occurring to allow for something new to come in.  Wanted or not, you should not try to stop them!

Where the spring months are all about bringing in "Transitions", this is leading up to what is in store for the summer months.  Now, PLEASE do not view this as negative when I say the summer months will present us with "Challenges".  Though that word itself may be a little unsettling  it is not always as bad as your fears.

These challenges are actually deemed as positive!  For example, they are changes that you thought you would not be able to make happen, but they do happen.  Challenging?  Meaning well deserved or you worked hard for those results!

To those that are a little sensitive, you may be able to sense that "Change" is in the air.  Part of this feeling you can credit to the crazy moon phases that we have seen so far.  We are now out of one of the roughest Mercury Retrogrades that I have seen in a long time.  THURSDAY APRIL 25th, we will all embrace what is known as the "PINK MOON".  (Unfortunately you will not see this from the United States.)  This simply means that the moon turns full under a lunar eclipse.  This will actually send out a strong wave of positive energy!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 2013 "Rants & Raves"

     Yes, it does appear that I missed posting the "Rants & Raves" in the month of March!  If you follow my blog, you will notice that I quit smoking on March 1st.  YAY ME!  For those that smoke, I hope you will take the time to read that blog, because it REALLY was not as bad as I thought it would be.  I also had friends come in from New Jersey for a visit.
     As I am lining up the month of April, it looks like my schedule for psychic readings is now back on track.  I hope to schedule some time to get some updates up on my website soon.  One thing that you will notice is that the link to the Body Wraps has disappeared.  You can still find this product here.  With revamping my schedule, I have decided to let this go as a distributor, though I still use their products.  Since I have quit smoking I have started a new workout routine, so in a few weeks I will update you and let you know how that is going.  (YES, I have quit smoking and loosing weight at the same time!)
     In other news, I am super excited to announce that my daughter is expecting and due in November!  I think at this point I will have to set up something for those that are guessing if it will be a boy or girl!  (My weakness in psychic abilities is determining the sex of an unborn child!)
    In April I am also excited to work with a local college student in her studies of psychic abilities and the paranormal.  It appears that we will be spending some time together getting that college paper ready!
    Monday night April 29th, I am live on the radio at KTKK AM630 Salt Lake City Utah for the Fringe Show.  The call in number to the show is 801-254-5855, and I will get more information up on this as the time draws near.
    I hope to get my spring newsletter out in the next week or so.  If you wish to join the mailing list, please send me an email to  Until next time!