Friday, December 20, 2013

A glimpse into 2014...

Each year, I get many requests for the overall predictions for the upcoming year.  I have to admit that I am never crazy about publishing these.  Some can embrace and adapt to change while others will read the worst into these.   The same as some view our Nation as healing while others tend to fear the end.

Overall, 2014 appears to be the year of “Movement and advancement”.  What I mean by this is that many will advance towards their goals in 2014.  Taking the “Action” needed to get there.  This also appears to be the year of “Material items”.  Many will be making purchases that have been put on hold for the last few years.  Anything from appliances, vehicles, homes and home improvements. 

2014 appears to be “Financially moderate”, meaning that it will be better for most of us.  It does appear to be a year of slow progression.  For those into real estate, this appears to pick up late summer to mid fall of 2014. 

Overall this is a year of high emotions, with many highs and many lows.  (This has to happen to allow “Change” to occur.) This in itself will bring about a lot of restless energy.

Worldwide natural disasters appear to increase in magnitude.  Hurricane season from the Atlantic basin appears to be milder than normal.  I am anticipating problems to occur in California (Anaheim area) as well as Texas, (Dallas area). ( I really do not go too far into this because those that know me well, know how irritated I get that psychics claim to predict hurricanes and tornadoes during hurricane and tornado season!)

Problems with the US Government appear to continue throughout the year of 2014, this will affect many Government programs.  I also anticipate problems for those receiving assistance.  Will there be another Government shut down?  There will be many talks and discussions regarding this matter.  “IF” it occurs, I will describe it as being brief.

One thing that you can definitely count on is an increased military presence here in the US.  The delays that you see at the airlines since 9-11, is just the beginning.  Military presence will be seen in many places that were not seen before.

Mercury Retrograde is always a time frame in the year that you can expect the unexpected.  These are generally emotionally charged and are not the time to begin new projects.  The dates for Retrograde are:
February 6th to February 28th
June 7th to July 1st
October 4th to October 28th
You may also find these dates throughout the year on my website, on the horoscope page, or my Events calendar.

Inspired by Chara out of Mississippi, “Does history repeat itself”.  Yes, I believe it does!
Look for my YouTube clip on 2014 psychic prediction.  A comparison of 2014 to ten years ago in 2004, and 20 years ago in 1994.

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Wishing you all a Safe & Happy New Year!

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Monday, December 16, 2013

December 2013 "Rants & Raves"

I am sure that most of you are running around getting geared up for the holidays. (For those that are traveling, be safe!)  This year I have opted out of the whole Christmas decorating scene.  With a new baby around there is not a lot of room, besides next year will be more of the time that she will be into the Christmas tree (literally) and into lights.  And yes, I am one of those last minute shoppers, so in other words my shopping will probably begin this week.  This year I have much to be grateful for and looking forward to the holidays!

A Sagittarius, yes, my birthday was on the 12th, and I thank you all for the birthday wishes.  (Remember do not EVER give a psychic your birthday during a reading, because they can tap into your zodiac sign!)  This time of year brings many personable emails from pictures of your Christmas trees, family pets to family recipes.  Just to let you know I read every single one of them and enjoy them all!
The crazy Virginia weather has already bought us some ice, leaving us without power for a few hours.  I imagine that we can expect more of this in the month of January.  Around the same time, I did manage to get out my December Newsletter.  If you wish to be on the mailing list, please email me directly to  I try to get these out each quarter as I believe monthly is excessive.  (And I personally HATE spam!)  Also, if you are not receiving them, and have not opted out, it is because I do not have your current email address!  Please contact me with your new email so I can get you back on the list.
For my Reiki practitioners, if you have not had the opportunity to work on an infant, I highly recommend it.  At 3 weeks old, Jaselyn had her first adjustment and what an amazing experience.  I have never seen charkas so out of alignment before, and I must say that she enjoyed it. 
I have received a couple of emails asking if the ReikiCourse can be purchased as a gift.  The answer to that is yes, as well as gift certificates for psychic readings.  This option is available year around by emailing me directly on my website.  The 12-month forecast is most popular this time of the year.  I would like to remind everyone that these are extensive reports that take me awhile to generate, so please allow 24-48 hours for delivery.
New in December, I have re-established my YouTube channel that was originally set up for me in 2010.  What you can expect is some Vlogs (Video Blogs, some of my psychic babbles, reiki, the paranormal, and a glimpse into my personal life.)  These videos will NOT replace my blog.  (More or less, in addition to.)  So please take the time to stop by and subscribe, as it will send you email notifications when a video is added.  I plan to upload a piece on 2014 astronomy in the next few days.  Also, in the next few days you can look for my blog on “Upcoming in 2014”, for some of next years predictions.

In January, you can look for “The Tarot Card Workshops” to return.  Part II, will be at the local level, so feel free to join us at Central Virginia Psychic Development &Paranormal Research.  For those that missed Part I, Part I will be offered in January online.  (Details coming soon!)
In 2014, I do plan to keep the “Free email follow up” for paid readings for as long as possible, for those that have paid for readings.  This gives a great opportunity for those that may have forgotten to ask a question during your reading.  Your free monthly horoscopes will remain for 2014.  January’s will include a glimpse of your year ahead.
As always, if you encounter any problems on my website, please do not hesitate to email me.  A lot of times, these problems are discovered by you.
I do have plans with family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  I will be available for psychic readings, but the availability will be sporadic.  I will post the availability on my Twitter feed and Facebook.
What are you New Year’s Resolutions???  Remember the best form of therapy is “Self Improvement” in any form!  From August to the last 2 weeks of December, I have hit my fitness goal.  Therefore I plan to step this up a notch in January!

Upcoming….2014 Predictions
Merry Christmas!