Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A glimpse into 2016...

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas.  As promised, I want to take a look at some of the things that you can expect in 2016.  Below you can find a summary of some of things I am asked about most often.

Let’s begin with Mercury Retrograde.  This is the time frame of the unexpected and not the best time to begin new projects.  Generally we have 3 Mercury Retrogrades in a calendar year.  In 2016, we have 4.  Here are the dates for 2016 Mercury Retrograde:

January 6th to January 26th
April 29th to May 23rd
August 31st to September 23rd
December 20th to January 9th 2017

I want to take a look at the first retrograde, since it is right around the corner.  Though I have given you the dates, it is also common for you to feel things shift a couple of days prior to it beginning and a couple of days after it ends.  This one is a bit “Electrically” charged.  Ironically, I don’t see it causing the generally reported mechanical breakdowns; rather I see that electricity within people.  On that note, keep your temper in check, and don’t let things stress you out!  In regards to career and finance, oddly enough all 4 retrogrades are your strongest points this year.  Be warned that it also comes with frustration, aggravation and sometimes complete chaos.

Moving onto SNOW.  Yes, snow; I have mentioned this a few times before.  The first day of winter was December 21st, and most of us in the country have experienced record high temperatures.  This is about to change.  Those that normally do not get snow will see snow.  Those that normally see snow will see some high accumulations.  It appears that once the snow begins, it will be pretty consistent until we almost hit spring.  If you’re in Virginia you need to pray for snow.  Why?  Because it appears that we could be headed into a major ice storm.  (I will take the snow over ice any day!)

In matters of Health in general for 2016, it appears that many of you will be taking on lifestyle changes.  Though you have heard people preach about it for many years, this is the year I see a lot of you adapting to it, and sticking to it.

In matters of Career and Finance, expect a “Roll reversal” in 2016.  Take the time to review where you have been in the last 3 years in your career and financially… If it has been a struggle, that struggle will end in 2016.  If you have been where you want to be in your career and financially stable, this could very well change for you in 2016.  Start saving for a rainy day, and be prepared to embrace “Change”.  If you are seeking a complete career change, 2016 is the year for that to happen.  If you are seeking to further your education this is a great year for you.  The one word that shines for career in 2016 is “Creativity”….in abundance!  If you are seeking to start a business, this is a great year to do so.

Onto the housing market…  For those who are seeking to invest and/or flip houses, this is a good year to do so as the housing market opens up.  For those seeking to purchase a home, this is the year to make that happen.  The same applies to those that are looking to sell their property.

A quick blurb on the dreaded subject I am asked about and that is in regards to terrorists attacks.  The month of March is what jumps out.  I am uncertain if this occurs before March or in the month of March.

If you will reflect upon the year of 2015, I am sure that you will see that your year was full of transitions and changes.  Most of them good changes and some unexpected.  2015 bought in subtle changes, compared to what you will see in 2016.  The changes in 2016 would best be described as “Major and drastic”.  Keep that in mind as we progress through the year.  I am a firm believer in that things happen for a reason, but sometimes you have to clear those changes in order to understand why they happen.  A time frame to compare 2016, roll your clock back to the years of 1987, 1988, and 1989.  Where were you then?  What occurred?  This is a good similarity of what you will see this year.  If you were a child in this era, then 2016 will bring in all new beginnings for you.

For those that follow the Chinese Zodiac, 2016 is the year of the Monkey.  Think about that animal for a moment... The monkey is high energy and jumping all around.  Just be warned of jumping into foolish decisions in hast this year.  The areas of concern with the monkey are regarding money and relationships.  (Take your time in those two matters this year!)

I am going to close this out with the number one question I am asked about for 2016… Who will be the 2016 President elect?  Love him or hate him….Donald Trump.


The best time to catch me for a psychic reading remains between 1pm and 1am.  Look for an extended version of your horoscopes in January.


Until next time…

Friday, December 18, 2015

December 2015 "Rants & Raves"

Well here we are at the end of another year!  I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  I am excited with Jaselyn turning two; she appears to be excited about Santa Claus this year!

I am adding a new service to my website in 2016.  (Sometime in the first quarter.)  This will allow you to see my availability, schedule your appointment as well as it will do the time conversion for you.  I will have more information on this in the next few weeks.

Some of you have noticed that I am slowly having some changes made to my website.  If you should come across anything that is not working, please let me know by emailing me at Jackie@ms-swami.com.

In less then two weeks it will be 2016!  A time to celebrate the New Year and new beginnings!  I will post my predictions for 2016 here in the next few days.

If all goes as planned, my book will release in January of2016.  I have this setup if you would like more information on pre-orders, the release date, and information on the sequel.  I had not intended for everything to take this long!  However, with everything falling into place, there will NOT be a large lag before the sequel comes out, once everything is done.

I have received a lot of great feedback in regards to the weekly YouTube videos.  Although these are just a two-minute snippet of your week ahead, they do take up a lot of time.  Shooting the video is not a problem, but tagging them and uploading them takes a lot of time.  At this time I am not sure I can commit to these on a weekly basis. 

Your free monthly horoscopes will continue throughout the year of 2016.  Just a reminder, that you get an “Extended” version of these in the month of January.  If you would like to get these a couple of days early, please subscribe to them here.  (I will also post the dates for 2016, Mercury Retrogrades under the horoscopes as I do every year.)

This time of the year the most popular reading is the 2016 12-month email report.  As of now I am turning these around in under 48 hours.  Though it is popular this time of year, it remains available throughout the year.

I’m going to close this out with my current specials for December.  As always follow me on Facebook or join me on Twitter.  THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER FANTASTIC YEAR!!

(Check back soon for your 2016 predictions!)

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

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