Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January 2016 "Rants & Raves"

Happy New Year!  It is hard to believe that we are coming up on the end of the first month of 2016.  I am expecting that this will be a great year, a lot of changes, but a great year.

If you are on the East Coast, I am certain that you are over the snow!  However, I have to say I am looking for another blast in a couple of weeks.  (And hopefully not ice!)

We have cleared Mercury Retrograde!  (Ended on the 25th)  Although it may take a few days to clear the effects from it completely.

For those that follow my blog, you have heard a lot about my book.  It has finally been released!  You will find a preview of Chapter One here, as well as it is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Though it features a bride on the cover, it is NOT a paranormal romance.  (An example of a paranormal romance would be a vampire that falls in love with someone.)  Twist of Events is a fiction thriller that has to do with a group of ghost hunters.  It is all about those ghost hunters and the location.  (With a few unexpected twists along the way, hence the title.)  There is no “horror” to the book, but does include some paranormal activity.

For those that have read it, or currently reading it, I thank you so much!  Please remember that those Amazon reviews are crucial in this starting out.  I am also willing to hear from you as the sequel is underway. Also, if you are aware of someone that does book reviews, please feel free to email me at

However, between now and the sequel, there will be another publication.  I am currently working with my daughter on a Planner, a daily organizer, that will be available sooner then I expected.  More on this soon!  (But I can say, you will be able to start it any month of the year!)

This year is my 10th year in business!  With that a lot of changes are occurring.  Some on the backside of things and some you will begin to see on my websites.  In the next week or so, you will see some different changes in those of you that call in.  The 800# I use, I am eliminating.  As some of you know, I had a lot of technical difficulties with this service in 2015.  (Also a lot of expense.)  Therefore a new option will be put in place.

Also I am expanding my merchant services with Mastercard and Visa.  For those that are fond of PayPal I am keeping that in place as well.  I have been with them for 10 years, they are backed by Mastercard and I have received great service from them. 

In addition, I a lot of you prefer appointments.  There will be a system in place, allowing you to pay 24-hours prior to your appointment will show you my availability and will do the time conversions for you.  So a lot of subtle changes, that will hopefully be improvements.

In regards to YouTube, I will still continue to upload videos.  I am not certain if this will be weekly or monthly, but I am continuing to use that YouTube channel.

Your free monthly horoscopes will continue to post on my website the first of each month.  That will not change.  Currently there is an extended version up for the month of January.

Remember the best times to reach me are between the hours of 1pm to 1am.  As always, join me on Facebook, and I send out random specials on Twitter.

REMINDER:  Valentine’s Day – February 14th!

Until next time…

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sneek Peak....TWIST OF EVENTS (Available the week of 1-18-2016)



Chapter 1

Nina Cooper scurried around trying to get ready for a long weekend and her big day.   She has waited years to finally become Nina Wheeler, and now it was really going to happen!

Just a few short days ago, she picked out her wedding dress. A cascading white gown to compliment her olive Native American skin tone and long flowing black hair.  This day she wanted to look her best for Kyle.  Although she has had a failed marriage before, Kyle has been the love of her life from day one.  She never believed in love at first sight, however she knew that Kyle would be the one she could spend the rest of her life with, after only a few weeks of dating. She has waited for years for that proposal and now the day was in sight.

As she was packing she couldn’t help but smile thinking of the perfect relationship that they shared.  Ironically, they had so many mutual friends in common and the relationship just had a natural flow to it from the beginning. 

Nina had accepted a position as office manager for a local printing company.  She could not help but remember the day that Kyle Wheeler walked in the door to pick up his business cards.  Kyle owns one of the largest trucking companies in town, she noticed how strikingly handsome he was.  Tall, wavy dark hair and the most gorgeous smile she had ever seen on a man.  Instead of being all business he was playful and fun.  That first meeting and impression of him would be with her for a lifetime.

In all of the years that Jasmine and Jaden had been her best friends she never realized that they knew Kyle from college.  She found this out when she met the girls one afternoon for happy hour and in walks Kyle.  She had always known that Jasmine and Jaden were huge paranormal enthusiasts and had started a paranormal group in college.   She had no idea that Kyle was a member of that group.  How perfect!


Jasmine Tinsley thought that she should spend her day packing for her long weekend getaway and the wedding of her friends Kyle and Nina.  Of course she would put this off until the last minute!  Right now, she was enjoying shopping the sales.  Unlike her twin sister Jaden, who was the planner, and well organized, down to the outfits she would pack with matching accessories.  Jasmine could not help but be excited.  Not only were two of her closest friends about to be married, but also they would all spend the weekend at a wonderful plantation.  All of the original members of their college group The Ghost Enthusiasts. 

Jasmine and Jaden Tinsley were identical twins.  However, they were not hard to tell them apart.  Both same in height, but Jasmine having the long blonde hair, and Jaden had always kept her hair short.  It was their personalities that set them apart.  Jasmine was the outspoken, adventurous one; While Jaden was more quiet and reserved. 

Together they had grown up in a haunted farmhouse that was built in the early 1800’s, complete with their family cemetery in the yard.  They lived in a remote area with no cable or Internet, and a great deal of their time was spent reading.  Both carried a passion for thrillers and horror.  How well she could remember how she and Jaden had attended their first Halloween party in high school and how much fun they had. 

It was to know one’s surprise that they both took up an interest in the paranormal when they attended college together.  It was Jaden’s idea to form a college group for others with the same interest and so the The Ghost Enthusiasts group was founded by both of them.  Jasmine was all about the equipment and the adventure.  Jasmine had always carried that sixth sense, or the third eye.  A “Sensitive and intuitive” would best describe her.  Jaden in being more reserved was also the cautious one of the group.  She also possessed a strong background in photography, and loved history, and her organizational skills for the group were uncanny.  Together their group was a huge success.

She was willing to bet that Jaden was already packed and ready to go.  Jaden was always more punctual on deadlines as she worked as an editor for the local paper.  Jasmine was a well-known author and worked from home, so she tried to prevent stressing over deadlines.  Together, they offset one another nicely.


Doug Silva was outside in his yard enjoying his day off.  Working a stressful job as a factory supervisor, his days off were few and far between.  On his days off he tried to keep an equal balance in his hobbies of hunting, fishing and football of course.  He felt truly blessed that his wife, Lucille, shared those same hobbies with him.

As a member of The Ghost Enthusiasts, he was thrilled to see another member get married.  Kyle marrying Nina, what a perfect couple!  He was also excited about spending the weekend together with all of his close friends.  With work, sometimes life just gets in the way and occasionally he felt that he was out of the loop.  It was Lucille that kept him up to date on everything. 

Lucille was also a workaholic working as the local Veterinarian.   She and Doug had met later in life and had no children outside of their two labs.  She was blessed to have found Doug.  She could not imagine her life without him.  Lucille was more than happy; everything she ever wanted in life, had materialized.  She often described her life as just being in a “Good spot”!

Her only concern was keeping Doug healthy for a long life together.  Doug was a big man and what she described as her “Teddy Bear”.  Lucille, with her long eighties style hair had not aged a bit.  She credited that to living a happy and healthy life.

Although she supported Doug in watching his paranormal shows and knew he still carried that passion.  She was more reserved when it came to the paranormal as she had never had a personal experience.  Though she had not mentioned anything to Doug, she certainly hoped that this plantation house was not haunted.  As she headed out from work that evening, her thoughts transferred onto her pet sitter for the weekend and what to pack.


Madison Davenport left the gym feeling energized and a little overwhelmed of getting a family of four packed for a long weekend.  One would think that being a professional body builder and running marathons in her spare time, that the simple task of packing would be a piece of cake.  However, getting her husband Clifford and her two sons Jason and Wayne on the same page to do anything was always a challenge.

Madison and Clifford had attended high school together with Jasmine and Jaden.  Both were members of The Ghost Enthusiasts and she saw Jasmine and Jaden often.  Madison herself had recently taken up the interest to pursue her paranormal investigating.  She had just mentioned this to Clifford the other day.

Clifford supported her career and often joined her to workout together.  Surprisingly, he even ran his first marathon this year.  However, with working at the local packaging plant, it allowed for very little time for his paranormal interest.  Her oldest son Jason had put college on hold for a career as a diesel mechanic.  She noticed that recently he had mentioned more than once of starting his own paranormal team.  She had to admit that it put a smile on her face. 

Wayne, being the younger of the two, seemed to like the more scientific approach to the paranormal.  Wayne is a real cutie, blonde with his freckles, while Jason had turned out tall, lanky and handsome, like his dad.  Wayne was also an avid gamer.   His plans included attending college to pursue a degree in either science or computers.  Either way, she was certainly proud of both of her boys. 

She always thought that if Jason were to form a paranormal team, it would heighten Wayne’s interest and get him out of the house more.  She had recently noticed on the social networks that Jasmine and Jaden were still investigating from time to time.  She really needed to make time to join in on that fun again.

She thought it was more than wonderful that Kyle had found Nina.  A wedding and a weekend together with all of her friends is just what she needed.  This would indeed, be the perfect time to bring up the paranormal and see what everyone is doing these days.  She felt that Jason and Wayne could both learn a great deal at the same time.  Now, to just get everyone packed and out the door at the same time…


Rusty Allen poured himself another screwdriver as he was about to head into work.  He hated to admit it, but it was generally the way he started his day.  Years of working as the bar manager at the local tavern had certainly taken its toll.  He would never admit to having a drinking problem.  He drinks, with no problem.  He always likes to joke that it was the reason he was bald.  Nonetheless he did not have a bad life.  If it was not for his job, he may have never met his wife Dana.

Dana was of average height and an average build with a captivating personality.  She had frequented the Tavern with her ghost hunting friends.  She was special, not like the average women you find in a bar.  She held a high paying job manufacturing computer components and carried herself very well.  She loves life, her family and friends.  She still carries a high interest in the paranormal and loves reading articles online.  She has published many articles herself.  He felt that Dana was a blessing to enter his life.

Rusty had some paranormal experiences himself, growing up as a child, though he did not like to talk about it.  One night at closing, Dana had stayed to share with him some of her own paranormal experiences.  It was a deep conversation and he loved the passion in her as she spoke of her hobby.  It was that week that he had asked her out on their first official date.

Together as a couple they worked out nicely.  All of Dana’s college friends had become his friends as well.  It was nice to see Kyle and Nina take that leap of faith, though they have been a couple for years.  Rusty and Dana had waited many years before finally tying the knot.

Tomorrow everyone would meet at the Tavern to board a charter bus and head out to this plantation house for the weekend.  Everyone would be together and play a role in making this wedding happen!  Secretly he worried as to if this would become some great ghost adventure.  So far, no one had made any mention of it.  He couldn’t help but hope that it wouldn’t, and that primarily it was all about the wedding.


Joel Lucas was wrapping up his day at work, trying to remember what he needed to pick up for their weekend trip on his way home.  To be on the safe side, he thought he might give his wife Cassey a call.  On days like today he was looking forward to a long getaway.  Being a factory worker at the local tobacco plant had its rewards but they didn’t come without a certain amount of stress. 

It seems nowadays he spent a great amount of time looking forward to retirement.  The college days seemed so far away to him now.  He remembered when he first entered college and found The Ghost Enthusiasts.  Though a skeptic, and always business minded, he was welcomed with open arms.  Being from out of state, he felt right at home.  Who would have imagined that years later they would all still be together as friends?  Well then again, he thought the same thing when he was voted “Most likely to succeed” in high school.

Instead of calling Cassey he decided he would stop by and see her at work.  Cassey worked part time as a waitress at the Tavern.  She certainly didn’t need to work, but it helped to support her craft addiction.  Warm, bubbly and always smiling, she made really good tips and loved seeing her friends, so it worked out well.

Cassey shared his passion for football.  She also supported his interest in the paranormal even though she was scared to death of the thought of ghosts or something occurring.  Generally when he watched paranormal shows, he noticed that she would busy herself with her crafts or something around the house.

He had to admit that he was glad that they shared the same friends.  Cassey and Nina had become very close over the years.  He and Kyle were close and they all enjoyed hanging out together.  It seemed just like yesterday that he had married Cassey.  Overall, this was going to be an amazing weekend of good times.


Tommy Foster sat at his desk glancing over the books with a big smile on his face.  It had been his lifelong dream to open a restaurant.  Not only had he achieved it, but also now he owned a 5-star restaurant catering to the cities elite.  He had to chuckle when he thought of how everyone commented that he and his wife Diane were such a mismatched couple.   Diane was a real beauty while he still wore his mafia style ponytail. The only common interest that they had was her culinary upbringing and the fact that she was a chef.  Now, she was the head chef at their restaurant.
Years later he now owns a successful restaurant, has two sons, a wonderful marriage and is now considering buying them a second home as a family getaway.  Life is good!  Diane seemed really excited when he ran the idea of a second home by her.  The first thing she said was, “Maybe it will be haunted”.  That thought shock Tommy to the core.  He did not share his wife’s paranormal passion that she had found in college.

Diane has always been high-strung, high energy with a real excitement for life.  For her to find a paranormal group in college was no surprise to anyone.  These days she is just starting to dabble in investigating again.  With the restaurant doing well and three cookbooks on the New York Times best sellers list, she felt it was time. 

Their younger son Ronnie was still in school and was a lot like his mother.  Though a little on the geeky side and an honor roll student.  He too, is high strung and loves the thrill of the paranormal.  Their older son, Brad was in the military.  He always enjoyed his mother’s ghost stories.  However, since his recent tour of Iraq he recently stated that the paranormal has taken on new meaning for him.  He now believes in it more than he did before.

At least with those three having a paranormal interest, it should make for some interesting conversations this weekend.  This weekend.  That jarred him back from his daydream.  He wondered what time do they meet at the Tavern for this trip.  Another thought, had Diane planned that they were cooking for everyone all weekend?  He better check with her and see just what the plan was.


Jerry Coats was on the Interstate and heading home.  As a successful insurance agent he had just closed the deal on one of his biggest accounts yet.  He could not decide what was better, his success, being wealthy, his new home, or his hot new wife Eliza?  It didn’t matter; he loved it all and had no problems bragging about anything in his life. 

Though they had only been married a couple of years Eliza had turned out to be the perfect wife.  She loves her job as dental hygienists and supports her husband in his passion for travel and the finer things in life. She uses every bit of her paycheck towards saving for their retirement. He is most certain that Eliza has every detail planned out for the weekend.

Though he is excited to see Kyle and Nina get married, he had to admit, he kind of dreads the paranormal conversations over the weekend.  Eliza loves them and can’t seem to get enough ghost stories.  However Jerry feels it was wonderful being with the group  from college and admits he is glad they are all still friends.  His feelings for the paranormal have changed.  He just feels it is time to grow up and move on to something else.  However, all of his friends and their spouses from The Ghost Enthusiasts did not appear to see things the same way.

Even before acquiring his wealth while back in college, he had always been known as the “loud mouth” and “know it all” of the group.  That had not changed.  He loved jumping in with his two cents to create a good debate.  He also loved nagging them or picking on them if they talked about restarting the group or investigating something local.  He had no problem telling them that it was kid’s stuff and not for the adults they are now.  Just like in college, no one listened to him.

Even though Eliza was still kind of new to everyone she got along with everyone really well.  She had become very fond of Jasmine and Jaden.  He knew that she spoke to Jasmine, almost daily, so he was certain she had all the details for the weekend.  He thought, “Oh well, let the ghost stories begin.”


Patrice Ellis finds herself in the office feeling tired and run down.  How in the world will she get through this weekend when all she wants to do is sleep?  Years of owning the Tavern after her late husband’s death were finally starting to take its toll.  Though she is happy for Nina and Kyle, she would just like some time off to herself.  Her current husband Terrence, has no idea how worn down she really is.

Terrence has been good for her.  He owns a local building supply company and knows how much energy it takes to be a business owner.  However, his company closes on weekends and at 5pm during the week.  It appears more and more that all of her time is spent at the Tavern.   She is okay with that.  She can generally get a lot done in her office after 2am.

She has never felt alone after closing hours.  She has always felt that the Tavern was haunted though she didn’t dare mention it.  For one, she has employees like Rusty that appear to be a little skittish regarding the paranormal.  Terrance is scared to death of anything unexplainable.  He had become close friends with all of her friends but will never understand why she had joined The Ghost Enthusiasts in college.  Cassey on the other hand, seemed to have a high interest.

There had been more than one occasion that a little something had happened and she noticed Cassey appeared to realize it at the same time.  Perhaps this weekend would give her an opportunity to feel Cassey out to see if she had experiences there as well?  Of course, that would have to be kept private from Terrance, because if he so much as thought there was a ghost there, he would never return, part owner or not.


Patsy Snow comes out of the courtroom victorious.  As a well-known criminal defense attorney, she still really felt that she only had a 50/50 chance of winning this particular case.  She begins to wonder how many of The Ghost Enthusiasts are meeting at the Tavern for happy hour to discuss the wedding and the weekend.  On that note, she decides to give her husband Melvin a call.  Of course he was unavailable.  With working at one of the largest security companies in town he was always busy.

Melvin was the member of The Ghost Enthusiasts in college.  She remembers that being a topic of conversation on their first date.  Both shared a passion for adventure.  They generally spent their down time bungee jumping, hang gliding, hiking and of course discussing the paranormal.

Melvin had bought up a good point this morning.  He had asked if there were any plans to investigate the plantation house that we would be staying at this weekend.  Sounded like a good idea to her, since they would all be together.  She also wondered if anyone knew the history to the place?

Maybe she should stop by the Tavern and see if anyone knows the plan before heading home?  If not, she would give Jasmine or Jaden a call, certainly one of them would know.


Felix Frost was beginning to look forward to a long weekend break.  As a foreman of a large commercial construction company, he had a week from hell where nothing was going right on their current job.  He certainly could not say that this had been a productive week.  He had to give a lot of credit to his wife Kathleen, for keeping his spirits up.

Kathleen owned the local theatre, passed down to her from her family, and was also  really big into the arts.  His complete opposite.  She was always so positive and upbeat, with a real zest for life no matter what obstacles she encountered.  The last few days all she could talk about was the wedding and the weekend trip.  She was thrilled to see Nina and Kyle finally marry!

Of course Kathleen and Kyle had been great friends over the years.  They had met in college with The Ghost Enthusiasts.  Kathleen’s interest in the paranormal reflected into a lot of her plays.  He wasn’t complaining because those were the ones that seem to have the highest ticket sales.

Though he was generally the life of the party, maybe even a little arrogant at times, he was a huge skeptic regarding the paranormal.  He really felt that most of that nonsense could be explained.  However, he always enjoyed ruffling their feathers and causing really good debates.  He imagined this weekend would certainly be full of ghost stories.  He enjoyed the fact that they had all become really close friends throughout the years.

He also made a mental note to himself to pack tissues.  Kathleen always gets emotional at weddings. 


Albert Dunn sat around watching his clock waiting for happy hour.  Sad to think his life had come to this at the age of 68.  The truth is since retiring as an attorney and the loss of his wife, he really just considered himself as “functioning” nowadays. 

He still enjoyed getting out and seeing his young friends at the Tavern.  He loved cracking jokes at all of their ghost stories.  They were certainly a lively group.  As an attorney he had pretty much helped them all over the years in one way or another.  Now, Patsy had come along and was doing a wonderful job.  Though not much assistance to them as she was criminal defense attorney and none of them were criminals.  He still referred them out to those that he knew, gave advice when needed, and performed wedding ceremonies. 

He couldn’t help but wonder why in the world Nina and Kyle had decided to marry now.  They had been a happy couple for years.  He kind of thought of the saying  “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”.  Anyway, he was very proud that they had asked him to officiate their wedding.

Honestly, he was a little skeptical about the whole weekend trip.  On the other hand, it was not like he had anything else to do.  Besides he would never turn down Nina and Kyle, as he considered them to be close friends and they were just good people.  Who knows, a weekend away with the young folks may be just what he needed.  However he still longed for his belated wife to pack for him.

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