Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 2016 "Rants & Raves"

I have had so much going on this month, that I feel like I have missed the entire month of November!

November 22nd, the first day of Sagittarius, Jaselyn turned three!  She is so cute and super sweet.  (Prejudiced I know!)  She had a cute little princess party for her birthday.  This was quickly followed by Thanksgiving.  We had some friends join us this year and really had a great time!

The month ended for me with the final step on my business.  (This has taken months!)  The end result has left me as being the only licensed psychic in my County.  Although I have always had my business license since 2006, it was classified differently as a home business even though the classification stated psychic and tarot card reader.  The first of the year, I had to change the company name, and this created changes with the business as well.

All across the country we have this “Fortune Teller Ordinance”.  The one in my County was adopted in 1940, and I am the first to go through with the entire process.  Although it took a lot of money, meetings and a lot of steps to follow, it is a “Do able” process. I am discouraged to find that many have inquired about it but chosen not to go through with it. I can say that every County Official I met with was more then willing to help me through this.  (I also wondered if this was adopted in my Great Grandmother’s era, as 1940 would have been when she worked as a psychic out of Richmond.)

In case your wondering….I DO support the ordinance.  The industry is 80% shady, unfortunate but true, and I remain and advocate against Psychic Scams.

The change in my business was due to Identity Theft, and this I would wish upon no one!  This has been a year of in and out of attorney’s offices and courtrooms, and it’s not over yet. It appears that some of this may be wrapped up in December while some will carry forward into the New Year.

This also prompted change in the business due to a “Chronic complainer” in the County. (It does make you wonder why an individual feels they know more about me or my business then the County does.)  Is this the same person responsible for my Identity Theft?  There have been numerous investigations at many levels so I am sure it will all come out eventually.

The end result, all of my websites are changing back to NORMAL!  Thank you all for your patience on this and to my surprise many of you had not even noticed until I pointed it out to you.

Overall, this has not been a “Bad” year, but rather a year of cleaning up messes created by someone else, and a really good learning experience.   On the financial end of things, it has hit hard, in addition I have to get ready to repay a lot of these fees in the month of January.  A GoFundMe has been set up in an effort to help me keep things under control.

Also new to the website, I have only had a few of you request or inquire, but I am now set up to process American Express and Discover!  Don’t forget, the best times to reach me are between 1pm to 1am EST.

Your December horoscopes are up!  And for those of you that did not know you get your “Freebie” from me every week, in the form of YouTube videos. 

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I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are now getting ready for Christmas!

Until Next Time…

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Jackie's horoscopes for November 2016