Wednesday, August 30, 2017

August 2017 "Rants & Raves"

I am hearing from a lot of you about the “Crazy energy” around you.  We are still under Mercury Retrograde until September 5th, we also had the energy of the full moon and the eclipse, so I think it would be normal to call it the “Crazy energy”.  It appears to be bringing out a lot of emotions in most.  The good news is we will not go into Mercury Retrograde again until December 3rd.

It has been another busy month for me as we enter the final days of summer.  We were able to spend some time at a lake nearby as well as to visit some friends in Outer Banks, NC.  Jaselyn has had a blast.  We visited “Gravedigger’s” race shop, and I really think she enjoyed this just as much as the beach.  (She really likes monster trucks!)

My YouTube videos, have been sporadic in the month of August.  This has been to a busy schedule and keeping up with appointments.  It does appear that the month of September may be the same way.  I do try to make up for this by jumping on there Live from time to time.

With fall approaching I am getting inquiries on the Reikicourse and this is a great time to get started as I just finished up with those clients.  If you have any questions just email me at

Things with the 800# appear to be going well, however, there is an occasional glitch of people getting through.  If this is the case please use the 804 number instead.  As always, my most accurate availability will appear on my live schedule as it is updated often.

On Labor Day, I will be in Virginia Beach for a couple of days.  I have clients in that area and will be meeting a couple.  If you would like to schedule a reading in Virginia Beach, please email me as soon as possible so I can schedule this accordingly.

With September fastly approaching, I would like to give a shout out and wish my daughter a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  ( A Virgo baby, born September 6th.)

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Jackie's horoscopes for August 2017