Wednesday, March 27, 2019

March 2019 "Rants & Raves"

Hello spring!  I hope you all had a nice St Patty's day, and Easter is now around the corner.  Time to get your yards cleaned up and start the garden as the flowers begin to bloom.  Maybe a little spring cleaning?
With the weather beginning to break, Jaselyn is looking forward to resuming her horse back riding lessons.  Spring goes so quickly, it will be summer before we know it!

We are also coming to the end of Mercury Retrograde!  The last day is March 28th, and it generally takes a couple of days following before things go back to normal.  For those that I have spoke with, it has many on a high emotional plain.  The next Mercury Retrograde (Time of the unexpected), occurs July 8th through August 1st.  (Yes, at the time of vacation for most, lol)

All updates to my main website have been completed and so far, so good.  If you encounter any problems please email as soon as possible.  Some of the more popular items now have quick links on the homepage.

Video Readings have really taken off for those outside of the US.  Please allow at least a 48 hour turn around on these.  And of course I kept the 1-hour rate in place for spring.

CVAPI is starting to pick up with investigation requests/  We are currently reviewing those requests and getting them setup for investigations.  If you are thinking of submitting a request, do not wait too long, as spots will fill up quickly.

Your YouTube videos are now current and I have done YouTube LIVE the last couple of weeks.  This is something that I will "Try" to do each week as time will permit. 

I'm going to keep this short today. Don't forget your March horoscopes are up and your April horoscopes will post before the 1st.  I also have a couple of openings for those interested in Reiki.

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Until next time...