Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Donation to the Easter Seals

Hi guys,
I have a friend walking for the Easter Seals on August 22 in New Jersey. She needs sponsors and this is a great cause! They will list your website and your donation is tax deductible!

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Suicide and the other side...

I have a handful of clients that have had a loved one pass by death by suicide. Although any death is never easy, it does seem to leave some confusion as to the fate of their soul. So I want to see if I can put this into perspective of what happens to them on the other side.
If a loved one has committed suicide this does NOT mean they have gone to hell. There is a slow transition phase that they will go through when they cross. God does look at them prior to that frame of mind. This does not automatically make them a damned soul. The transition period is where they are counsled and consoled.
With that said, I also would like to add that there is no "time" on the other side. Our 5 minutes could be their 5 years.
There are instances of suicide victims that have chosen not to cross for fear of what to expect. This does not just apply to suicide but to those that have died suddenly, children, and those that are just uncertain if they should enter the light.
No matter what the cause of death, once they have crossed they are allowed to visit. This can be from smells, to feeling their presence, seeing something out the corner of your eye, to actual paranormal activity.
Ever had a dream of a loved one who has passed? These are considered actual visits!
Although cliche' it is true...time does heal all wounds. The hurt will always be there but not as strong. Sometimes, you have to start over instead of picking up where you left off.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Newsletter Winner

So I almost forgot to post this! Summer newsletter winner goes to:
Rebecca in South Carolina!

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Psychics and Missing Persons

Opinions, opinions, opnions...if you know me than you know my blog is full of my opinions. I actually have a lot to say about Psychics and Missing Person cases, and a LOT of pet peeves as to how other psychics handle this. Let me see where to begin...
I am often asked as a psychic, "Do you ever contact law enforcement?" The answer to that is NO. Now let me explain why. First of all, it is my personal beliefthat if I am meant to be involved in something they will find me. Does law enforcement actually use psychics? The answer to that is YES, more often than you may realize. My pet peeves in all of this? MANY, psychics that do reach out to law enforcement, can and have been charged with obstruction of justice and I support that FULLY!
I think I can best describe Missing Person Cases as emotionally challengingfor all involved, including the psychic. First and foremost, it is not my job as a psychic to inform the family of a missing person that their loved one has crossed over or is still living, that is the job of law enforcement. Next, when a family of a missing person reaches out to you it is out of "total desperation", meaning they have no other stone to turn. Nine times out of ten, they have never even spoken to a psychic before. In addition, to every one of these cases that I have been involved with, the family has a "theory" of who done it and how it happened. Therefore it may be difficult to explain to them "exactly what you see".
Now on to my pet peeves...
To the psychics that jump into the middle of an open investigation, yes, you should be charged with obstruction of justice. To the psychics that "advertise" they specialize in missing person cases...they completely disgust me. To the psychics that post on their websites and all over the internet your "Insights" of a missing person's are messing with an open investigation and starting rumors. To the psychics, that in your post, you descriptively describe where to find a have obviously NEVER worked with a task force or the family of a missing person. If you had you would one, realize it is an open investigation, and two realize how hurtful your words are to the people that loved them. To the psychics that advertise that they will only charge for their "travel expenses" to this I would have to say...REALLY? Because as a psychic you shouldn't HAVE to travel anywhere! To the psychics that advertise how law enforcement can contact you, this is one of the many reasons as to why they WILL NOT. And finally, to ANY psychic out there trying to collect money on someone's desperation and need for insights, I have one word for you...KARMA.
The reality of all of this is that IF they are not seeking "monetary compensation" then they are seeking the recognition. If this is the way you want to earn your "fame" than I have real issues with it.
If you are reading this and fall into the category of one of these psychics then you deserve to loose what business you have for lack of compassion! Try as I may, as a psychic, I cannot find any defense for these actions.
Bottom line, missing person cases are REAL. I am completely horrified in hearing what these families as well as law enforcement have been through with psychics.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Can things change in a reading?

In speaking to one of my clients today, they had spoken with another psychic that told them "things can change in a reading". This is not the first time I've heard this so I wanted to discuss this a little further.
First of all, I want to remind you that the whole purpose of a psychic reading is so that you will know what is to come. Can you change that? Sometimes you can.
A good example of this is a traffic ticket. If I see you getting a traffic ticket and you remember that and slow down, then your in good shape. More so than not, you remember AFTER the fact.
Another example would be if you ask if you will meet someone new this weekend. Well if I tell you yes, and you go out, then it is highly probable. If on the other hand you decide to stay at home, well now, that changes everything.
These are just two examples of how "things can change". I have not experienced any drastic changes in readings, unless the individual has actually changed something.
The timing of matters can be delayed, for this you can thank the Universe. But timing is crucial in all events. "For everything there is a reason and a season".
So as for the original question..."Can things change in a reading?"...
You yourself can change things. The only thing a psychic can do is relay to you how things will play out, what you do with that is up to you.
Now, for those of you that have been told that things can change in a reading, and you have had NOTHING materialize or come to pass...this I would question.
The changes I have seen are generally small details controlled by the client.

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