Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July "Rants & Raves"

The month of July has gone by so fast that I almost forgot to get this blog up! Summer is indeed my favorite season of the year. Though we will see some hot days here in August, I always take note that the sun's position begins to change, indicating fall is around the corner. August and September also bring the beginning of hurricane season, and I am hoping the best for everyone. It looks like we are now in the middle of Mercury Retrograde, ending on August 8th. Though this moon phase brings many mixed emotions, it has indeed been a positive Retrograde for clearing out the old, and lining up new projects. I have spoke with many that have had a run of "good luck" recently, and hope I will see that continue. I have numerous emails from my local clients seeking a reading. I am no longer offering readings at Sideline Cafe. If you are local, this does not mean that I will not meet you in person. It does mean that we can meet somewhere else, and if you are in the Chester area, I don't mind coming to you. I am not conditioned to Tuesday evenings, however, this is a good time for me. I have had to make some adjustments to my schedule due to some upcoming projects. If you are local please email me at Jackie@ms-swami.com and I will see what I can set up for you. My paranormal team CVAPI, has lots of exciting investigations coming up, and in the next few days, I will start putting those on the schedule. Though I had planned on lining up a public investigation for Central VA Psychic Development & Paranormal Research, the heat has prevented me from doing so. I will try to put something together for late August. As well as I continue to offer Body Wraps with Jackie, and if you would like more information, please email me. The best time to contact me for a psychic reading? It seems that my hours are forever changing so I can accommodate my clients over seas. I would still have to say anytime after 1PM, on up until the wee hours of the morning. The month of July for me, has been all about cleaning out some old clutter around the house. (A wonderful feeling once it is done!) And of course, I have saved my office until last. (With a little Reiki, for the mental clutter.) As well as I still have a couple of projects I am working on in my backyard. I also had a wonderful time pet setting for some friends this month. I do have good news myself for the month of July, as my daughter has registered and has decided to return to college this fall as a full time student! It also appears that I may have some upcoming changes to a couple of my websites and I'm pretty happy about as well. It is the end of the month. Meaning I hope to have your horoscopes up at Psychic Readings by Jackie by tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weekly Forecast

I have received many inquiries regarding the "Weekly Forecast". It is indeed the same price with either 4 or 5 weeks in the month. It is a subscription service through PayPal and you will find more information on the service here. I HAVE experienced problems with cell phone delivery in certain areas over seas. This same service is available via email. Your forecast will deliver anywhere from Sunday afternoon to late Monday evening. I have very little control on what time they deliver. For those that have this set to cell phone service, please consider the email option to prevent your phone from going off in the middle of the night! ALSO, those delivered by email tend to be a little longer as I am not capped off, on what I can send. If there is a particular area you would like me to focus on for that week, I ask that you please email me that request sometime on Saturday at Jackie@ms-swami.com. Any further questions, please email me! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

One Hour Psychic Reading Special

I only run this every so often! Due to several emails over the last few weeks, I am running this SUNDAY, MONDAY and TUESDAY. (7-8 to 7-10) One hour phone reading for $99. This is an excellent opportunity for those with a list of questions, ones seeking to connect to the otherside, or for two friends to share. The special is on my home page at www.ms-swami.com. Make your payment and email me at Jackie@ms-swami.com with the number to contact you, and your preferred time. REMEMBER I am in the Eastern Time Zone, so please let me know your time zone as well.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

June "Rants & Raves"

YES I am aware it is now July! I had planned on getting this up over the weekend but unfortunately; we were without power all weekend, due to a "Twister" like storm on Friday night. I am really glad to see summer arrive! (Excluding the storms.) Spring and summer are my favorite seasons of the year. I have spoke with a lot of you that are planning vacations and wish you all the best! My availablilty for psychic readings at www.ms-swami.com have been a little sporatic the last week or so, due to my Mom being in the hospital. It appears that I am almost caught up and I appreciate your patience! The summer solitice brings about new beginnings for most everyone. It also brings the heat waves, so be careful! Due to playing "Catch up" from no power, I hope to have the horoscopes for July up and available later this evening. I have received many messages that some are having problems accessing that particular page from your smartphones, and we are indeed working on it! Due to the heat and my crazy schedule this month, I have not been able to post a local event for Central VA Psychic Development & Paranormal Research. I hope to set up something for the end of July. My paranormal team CVAPI, is currently wrapping up one case and getting ready to move forward with the next. It appears that we have some exciting projects upcoming! As always, I LOVE meeting those face to face that I have been reading for a long time. It looks like the summer months will bring me several opportunities as some travel to or through Virginia! I will be in town and up for readings the entire month of July. PLEASE NOTE my email address is changing! The contact button on my website remains, however the address will change. If you have me in your address book, please make the change. I am slowly weeding out the comcast address. Though I like this mail system, it crashes on me frequently, as well as accessing it remotely tends to be a problem from time to time. Your free question email follow up remains for those that have paid for a reading. The new email address is: Jackie@ms-swami.com HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY 4th OF JULY!