Friday, July 12, 2013

June and July 2013 "Rants & Raves"

Well once again I have let the entire month of June slip by me.  I need to get into the habit of when I remind myself to update the blog, to actually stop what I am doing and do so!  June seems like it went by really quick.  Although spring and summer are my favorite months, they tend to go by very quickly. Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations  (CVAPI) wrapped up another interesting case at the beginning of June.  Currently we are trying to get that website updated.
The last few weeks I have enjoyed hearing your stories about Reiki.  Those that have found what it really works well as well as the students that I currently have, and their stories about working on family and friends. ( I am currently due for a session on myself as we speak!)
From June 26th on up until July 20th, we fall under Mercury Retrograde.  What does this mean to you?  It is not the time to sign contracts or begin anything new.  This is a time frame were most will experience a high level of anxiety.  It is also the time frame to which you can expect the unexpected.  This particular retrograde has seemed to hit the "Family" zone pretty hard.  There are a lot of you that appear to be struggling with some type of family issue at this time.  Avoid the negativity as much as possible!  If you are the one feeling negative, then its time to fall down and regroup.  Though Retrograde ends on July 20th, it is common for the after effects to linger around for a couple of days.

Now, for a picture of July's exciting news:

"Meet Jaselyn Cassidy"
I usually hate ultrasound pictures but this one came out really clear.  "Jaselyn Cassidy" is a baby girl, and my grand-baby!  She will arrive in November.  She was very active during her ultrasound and likes to play with her hands.  Maybe a musician or a gymnast? 
My daughter and I are hoping to take a little time off to visit some family at the Georgia/Tennessee line while she can still travel soon.

Now onto some of the Q & A's:
How many readings do you do in a day?
Honestly it depends a lot on my availability.  Like any business some days are busier than others.  I also keep odd hours for my clients in the UK.
How do I get an email reading?
For any type of psychic reading visit my website.  Under the section of psychic readings you will find several options.  Some prefer to call now, others by appointment.  Email readings are always a popular option for privacy regarding spouses or while at work.  They are generally answered within 24 hours.
Will you ever be in my area?
It depends on your location.  Send me an email to
How do I become a member of your paranormal team?
Members and those selected for investigations come from our local Meetup group.  For those interested in ghost hunting in general, stay in touch with me as Ghost Hunting 101 is coming up!
Do you ever get burnt out on readings?
Like anything I guess sometimes I do.  I can only read but for so many before I have to take a break or a little time off.
Can I use one of your past articles?
I have no problem with this as long as you ask me first.  Currently I still publish at Examiner and a couple of other sites.  I own copyright on most of them, but some I have sold the copyright, so just ask so I can verify where it has been published!

My summer newsletter will go out soon!  If you wish to be added to the mailing list send me an email to  Until next time...