Monday, October 21, 2013

Ghost Hunting 101 this Sunday, October 27th

October 2013 "Rants & Raves"

So October is here, and we are under the full moon.  Funny, fall is not my favorite season, but so far I have really enjoyed it.  I have actually enjoyed watching the leaves change and the cool evenings. Besides, this is the month of Halloween, my absolute FAVORITE!

Now for the bad news…. This is just the beginning of Mercury Retrograde.  (October 21st to November 10th).  What can I say about this one?  It is going to be a doozie!  Upcoming projects can prove to be difficult.  Mechanically it will affect things.  But the biggest problem that I can see is the “Emotional Plain”  ahead.  This time frame is REALLY going to bring the emotions out in almost everyone, both good and bad.  This is one of those cases that the only way out is to just get through it.  However, if you are aware of it, it may make things a “Little” easier.

It seems I have been in a complete whirlwind this entire month.  It has been one project after another, including my daughter’s baby shower last weekend.  (That was totally awesome by the way!)  We have just found out that baby Jaselyn is small and breech.  Though she is not due until November 18th, another ultrasound will take place on Halloween.  (Let me know what you think on a due date, I have said all along its November 5th.).

My paranormal team CVAPI, also spent some time filming with our local news station WRIC Channel 8.  (A big thanks to the Byrd Theatre and Wrexham Hall!)  They will begin plugging the story the day before Halloween and it will air in 2 or 3 parts the day, night and evening of Halloween.  I had a really great time working with them.  For those of you out of the area, part of the story will go up on their website and I will post the links.

October is not over yet!  Next Sunday, October 27th at 3PM, you can look for Ghost Hunting 101, here locally in Chester.  (All of the information will be posted tomorrow on CVAPI’s website.)  This is always a big hit, and fills up REALLY quick!  If your local don't forget to join
us at Central Virginia Psychic Development & Paranormal Research. 

What else is coming up?  I have two meetings this coming week for new projects.  Both have to due with the psychic realm and the paranormal field.  I hope to be able to provide updates on this soon.

I’m also in discussions about my next big trip.  It looks like this will occur in the first quarter of the year.  NEW ORLEANS!  I’m so flipping excited about this I can’t stand it!  This has been on my list of places to visit for years!

Part of my month has also consisted of hiring a new CPA (as mine of many years retired).  And, setting up a new computer system.  Yes, after many years of being in business I am amazed at how things have expanded.  Though I started working part time as a psychic to the public in 2001, my website launched as a three page site in 2006.

I have also taken some “Still time” to reflect upon some things.  As in “where you were then and where you are now”.  (I recommend this to everyone by the way.)  Last October, was the beginning of the deterioration of my Mother’s health with breast cancer and two broken feet.  That seemed to set the pace for four of the worst months I think I have had in my entire life.  Looking back I am so glad that is behind me now! I am in a wonderful spot right now and continuing to move forward.

As of now, I am playing the month of November by ear.  As I mentioned above, I have new projects that are in the making, family coming in from Florida, a baby arriving, a follow up to Tarot Card Workshop, and paranormal investigations.  A quick trip upcoming?  It appears so!

When is the best time to get a psychic reading?  Two to two….2PM EST to 2AM EST.  Psychic readings still come before everything else.  Follow me on Facebook or Twitter for when I am available at the local level and any upcoming specials.  On that note, regarding the social networks….  I get a TREMENDOUS amount of emails on all of them.  In the event that you have not heard back from me PLEASE email me directly at  I don’t intentionally avoid anyone, but sometimes emails are overlooked on the networks!


Until next time….HAPPY HALLOWEEN!