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November 2013 "Rants & Raves"

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  It is amazing how things can change in the small course of 12 months.  Last year for Thanksgiving, I found myself having a complete meltdown when realizing it would be my last Thanksgiving with my mother.  This year I find myself celebrating with my new Granddaughter!

Meet "Jaselyn Cassidy"  born Friday November 22nd at 1:30PM, 6 lbs 2 oz and 19.5 inches long.  Both her and her mother came home this past Monday and both are doing well.  She made it on the first day of Sagittarius, and is a blonde.  (My Mother's side of the family.) Skin tone?  We will have to wait and see.  My Mother's side are all dark complected from a long blood line of Cherokee and Italians.  My daughter however is fair complected and a dirty blonde.  (Though her color changes constantly due to cosmetology.)
Overall she is a really good baby and I could not be happier for both of them!

Prior to Jaselyn's birth, November has been a really busy month for me.  I was delighted to have the Virginia Historical Society contact me to participate in their new documentary "Virginia Voices".  This is currently still in the works and will be released later in 2014.  My daughter and I are currently working on another filming project that we will be able to release more at a later date.

Vlogs?  Video Blogs.... I have been approached by a few as to if this is something I will do.  To be honest, I am considering it.  Possibly the first of the year?  I do have a new computer system with a webcam so it is possible.  By the way, I am new to Windows 8, so if you have any tips or advice to lend, I am certainly open to it as I am a little dumbfounded by this operating system.

November for me has been a month of "Reconnecting".  By that I mean that I have seen family and friends that I have not seen in years!  It has been wonderful!

My new ad campaign launched in the month of November (a little delayed) and is doing well.  (Groupon user's look for me there!) Due to the filming projects and my daughter's pregnancy, my availability has been a little "off" to say the least.  Currently I am back on track and available tonight and through the weekend.  The best time for psychic readings remains 1PM to 1AM Eastern.  For random holiday specials, be sure to follow me on Twitter.  I will be running a normal schedule for the month of December for the exception of a quick day trip to North Carolina that I am most excited about!

Upcoming in December I hope to work in a "Meet & Greet" for Central Virginia Psychic Development & Paranormal Research.  Hopefully I will be able to due this without short notice.  This will be for like-minded people to come together and share what we would like to do in 2014.  I have many inquiries to the Part II, of the Tarot Card Workshop, and as of now, that will take place in late January.

At some point in December I plan to start revamping our website for CVAPI. (Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations).  I am currently seeking a volunteer that is fluent with YouTube in helping me get some of our older case files online.  If you are interested, please email me at

A lot of my month of December is preparing my final accounting for the year, so I will be spending a lot of time in my office.

Be sure to join me on Facebook as I post there often!  I am going to wrap this up with the number #12, handed down from my daughter from a facebook game, of 12 random facts that you may not know about me:

1.  I was a vegetarian for 7 years.
2.  I married in my senior year of high school.  (Married at 18, my daughter at 19, divorced at 20, and built        our home at 21).
3.  "Sasha" is my third husky and 13 1/2 years old.  I also have a soft spot for cats.  (We have two, one
     inside and one outside.)
4.  I rarely drink alcohol and when I do, the "Psychic senses" are more than wide open!
5.  I keep my social circle small because I HATE needless drama.
6.  Though I am a ghost hunter, I do not like closed in places (car window always cracked) and am scared
     of heights and reptiles.  (Yes, I hate frogs and blue tailed lizards may as well be the size of dragons!)
7.  I love to just pick up and "Go".  I am not much of a planner.  (A Sagittarius trait.)
8.  I am really into aromatherapy.   Lavender is my favorite scent and I grow my own.
9.  I LOVE to read and rarely take the time to do so.  I also had trouble learning to read as a child.
10.  I am really not that fond of chocolate and never have been.  (For the exception of chocolate pie!)
11.  I have ALWAYS thought that clowns are just creepy.
12.  I am 100% happy just being me!  :)

If you are traveling for the holidays, please be safe!

You can reach me directly at

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