Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 2014 "Rants & Raves"

Funny how I got up this morning thinking I would go ahead and write my blog, and here it is 10:30 at night.  Another month has been flying by.  However, Virginia weather has not been all that bad for the month of July.  Unfortunately, I am beginning to see signs of an early fall.

We had family come in from Florida and stay with us this month.  Jaselyn was so good!  (But she always is!)  I also went to a brunch and saw some friends that I had not been able to see in months.  It’s so good to reconnect!  I hope to end the summer with having a get together here.  I am also VERY grateful for a friend showing up at 9:30pm last night to cut our grass!  (Yes, I broke the lawn mower.)  Even though it was cut at night, I have to admit it looks better than me doing it in the daylight!

I have not had a vacation yet.  I hope to sneak away for a couple of days in August, but we will see how that goes.  The month of August is when I try to line up events for the fall.  In November, CVAPI will appear at Pamunkey Library in Mechanicsville VA for Ghost Hunting 101, free to the public.  We also have several pending investigations coming up.

This Friday, August 1st, one of our best cases will air on “A Haunting” on Destination America at 10PM.  The episode is called “Demons Revenge” and I am very excited to see it!  (I do plan to post more about that particular case at a later date.) 

I can share with you a funny thing about filming.  They picked me up at 6:30AM.  Twenty minutes after leaving my home I was asked, what was I wearing?  (It was February and I had on a coat.)  Well, I apparently had on the wrong color.  (Nope didn’t get the email on hair, makeup and wardrobe.)  So they want me in a solid color coral shirt.  I don’t even OWN a coral shirt!  So, the next plan is to delay filming, wait for the department stores to open and go shopping.  I placed a call to my daughter who called me back to say, “Good news, I have one solid color coral shirt”.  “And better yet, IT”S CLEAN.”  So thanks to my daughter filming went as scheduled.  It was probably sometime around lunch time (Or when I actually woke up), that I asked, “Why a coral shirt?”  Because it works with my complexion, hair, lighting, background, etc etc.  And a free fashion tip on the color palette that works for me.  So what did I learn?  I have been wearing the WRONG colors all of my life!  I have since tried to add those colors to my wardrobe.  (And I still don’t own a coral shirt).  But I have to ask…..How many of you could pull out a solid color coral shirt from your closet at 6:30AM?? ?

So for the month of July I have hit the cardio workouts harder than normal.  I must say a pedometer is the best investment EVER!  It will certainly show you how much, or how little you actually move in a day.  Not to mention that I sleep much better.  (Which is always a problem for me anyway.)

I have certified two in Reiki this month.  The Rieki course remains on sale until the end of July.  On a suggestion from one that is currently taking the course, I may very well set up a forum for Reiki so you may interact with one another.  (YES, I do promise I will get to the blog on Reiki!)

The best time to catch me for a psychic reading is between 1PM and 1AM.  (I am not a stickler for hours, but those are generally when you can catch me.)  Horoscopes will post to my website, and the next newsletter will come out soon.  To get on the mailing list email me at Jackie@ms-swami.com. Join me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

Until next time…

Monday, July 28, 2014

Destination America - "A Haunting" this Friday August 1st