Saturday, November 29, 2014

November 2014 "Rants & Raves"

I hope this finds that each and every one of you has had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are now preparing for Christmas!

It is hard to believe that on November 22nd, we celebrated Jaselyn’s first birthday.  (That first year has flown by!)  It is funny how a new baby in the family can bring about new family traditions.

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my daughter and granddaughter.  A LOT of food, enjoying the Macy’s Parade, and just some good family time.  I was also able to work in a couple of psychic readings Thanksgiving Day.  Honestly, I feel truly blessed in being able to say that I have too many things that I am grateful for to be able to list!

With all of the commotion of a big birthday party, we are waiting a week before digging out the Christmas tree.  Between our cat and a one-year old that should be an adventure in itself!  I am enjoying our new tradition of “Elf on a Shelf”.  Her name is “Sugar plum” and she can turn up anywhere!

The month of December, the plan is for psychic readings and picking up on some of my writing.  (We do have one paranormal investigation to knock out this week.)  And….my birthday is in December!!!!  (A shout out to all of the Sagittarius out there!)

I do have a couple of specials that will remain in place for the holidays.  The one-hour psychicreading will remain at a reduced rate as well as the Distant Learning Coursefor Reiki Certifications.  I would also like to thank my daughter for her hard work on beginning a new shop on my website! ( I do tend to throw out some random specials on Twitter during the month.)

I do remain available during the holidays, though sometimes it may be later in the evening.  As always the best times to reach me are between 1pm to 1am. 

As we approach Christmas, please be mindful of the scams out there!  Check out this email I got today…(I removed the senders name.)

I guess they forgot that their psychic’s address was in their address book.  And you better believe I replied!  That person is no more at an embassy or robbed than I am!  My heart goes out to anyone that has been scammed.

I do understand that some of you suffer from the “Holiday Blues”.  Please remember that this is ONLY a brief time in the year!  I get a lot of callers from those that don’t want to be alone.  (I would like to remind you that there are worse things in life than being alone!  You could be in some needless drama instead.)

The holidays are what YOU make of them.  Join the shopping crowds and make yourself a stocking, or a stocking for your coworkers or pets.  VOLUNTEER!  Shelters, food banks etc.   Sometimes the greatest gift is giving back to others!  Or simply get out and enjoy the Christmas lights.  It is all up to you.

My next newsletter will go out in December.  Email me at to get on the mailing list.  Join me on Facebook and look for your December horoscopes to go up on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Jackie's horoscopes for November 2014